youturn Brings Education and Support to Those Impacted by Addiction

youturn Brings Education and Support to Those Impacted by Addiction
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youturn has officially announced the launch of its innovative, recovery-focused video platform, providing education and resources for those impacted by addiction. youturn serves both individuals affected by addiction along with businesses experiencing the far-reaching impacts of substance misuse within the workplace.

Through stories, education, and ongoing conversations, youturn brings much needed resources and support to audiences that are often overlooked in the substance misuse struggle – family members and businesses. The impact of addiction within the workplace is staggering, with unintentional workplace overdoses and drug-related deaths both increasing by at least 25 percent nationwide for the last five years.

“Each founder has experienced first hand the struggle of addiction, and we’ve seen what it does to families and co-workers alike,” says Shaler Houser, CEO and co-founder of youturn. “Because of these journeys, we intimately understand the need for support and education. We developed our platform as not only a resource for individuals but also a tool for employers to support their employees and help reduce the enormous risks and costs associated with alcohol and substance misuse within the workplace. It’s our mission and privilege to contribute to the healing of this growing population.”

Co-founded by Shaler Houser (CEO), Rich Jones (Chief Strategy Officer of youturn and CEO of FAVOR Grenville), and Elisabeth McKissick (VP of Membership Experience), youturn is also supported by an esteemed advisory council composed of business leaders, physicians, and researchers.