X Food Festival

X Food Festival

X Food Festival
Date: 16th November 2019, Saturday
Location: Mumbai
Venue: Member's Enclosure- Mahalaxmi Racecourse
Timings:4 PM- 10 PM
Details: Craving for the smell of travel?
The taste of adventure?
Or just the comfort of home away from home?

Here’s your ticket to a journey through the length & breadth of this country and beyond
- through food.
Isuzu X Food Festival comes to the heart of the city of Mumbai bringing the local, hidden flavors and rare delicacies from different regions all in one spot. And X marks this spot.

This November at Turf Club take a walk along the culinary trail as food travels to you and you become the destination.

From red-ant chutney in Chhatisgarh to a toddy shop duck roast in Kerala, from traditionally cooked undhiyu in Gujarat to gur gur chai from Ladakh. Momos from 3 different cultures (Tibetan, Ladakhi & Naga), Lucknowi tundey kebabs, Odiya temple food. Be it Garhwali or Bengali, Kannad or Koli. We’re bringing India to Mumbai.

Even the sweets of the country come down, with of course ice creams with all kinds of local and international flavors. And not just that, the beloved burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and waffles, are also invited to the party.

Not forgetting, there’s local brews to kick up the expedition. And when you need a break from the food, dance your way to home-brewed tunes, indulge in Hunger Games, skill up with masterclasses & workshops from some of the best in the country, shop for produce, tools or even cooking gear.
Kids get their own special place to hang and bounce around. Maybe learn some tricks from jugglers & magicians, or just watch as the adults go on an adventure with Xtreme Foods.    

The festival is also bringing the street culture from around the world - all India chaat (that special Delhi chaat we crave for), East Asian insects, German bratwurst. Global goes local here.

Are you ready to go on a one of a kind food-venture?
Regional & Local Delicacies
Extreme Food
Global Food
X Bazaar – The culinary Market place
Adventure X - Workshops & Masterclasses
Music & Games
Kids Play Area
Food with a twist
Beer Garden
Exotic Cocktail Bar
Street Food from around the World
Adventure Utility Vehicle Fest
Competitive Eating Games

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