World Renowned Hacker Starts Comic Company, Quickly Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

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AUSTIN, Texas: Robert Willis is a renowned hacker in the cybersecurity industry, most recently featured in the bestselling "Tribe of Hackers" book series from Wiley Publishing. Willis has made appearances in various  blogs, magazines, podcasts, newspapers and industry conferences for his work. Last year Willis received the Texas Medal of Merit for a joint mission he completed in response to a cyber attack against state agencies across Texas -- an event that would become global news.

Willis, A lifelong fan of comic books, who at one time was featured on the now defunct 'Tyra Banks Show' showing off his collection, decided to start his own Cyberpunk/Sci-fi publishing company. His Kickstarter campaign quickly joined the club of funded campaigns -- only hours after launching.

"One of my big goals is to inspire the next generation to get into STEM fields. I don't think I would have found hacking and tech at as young of an age as I did without the influences at the time I saw in the media. I want to steadily put out different series featuring hackers and technology because I don't think there is enough being created, especially things that are friendly for readers of all ages." Willis says.

"It's also very important for me to maintain the hacker culture in cybersecurity. It's become a heavily invested in (and heavily corporate) field. I want to help support the continuation of the 'cyberpunk hacker culture' in the industry, it's something that means a lot to me".

Willis's new company, called Paraneon, is launching three different titles; 'The Hive Network, 'Neon Skyline', and 'Portals'. He claims that the issues featured on his Kickstarter are already "90% complete, and will be ready before the Kickstarter campaign is even over".

"I decided to name the company 'Paraneon' because 'neon' is very much associated with Cyberpunk, and 'para' can be defined as 'alongside of'. The characters and stories happen within a cyberpunk universe, so it made perfect sense to me." Willis said.

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