Vanessa Bryant’s Mother Accuses Her Daughter of Kicking Her out after Kobe Bryant’s Death

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Los Angeles: Vanessa Bryant’s mom is speaking out for the first time about the pair’s strained relationship, which she claims went south immediately following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

In a shocking new interview set to air Monday on Univision, Sofia Laine alleges the 38-year-old grieving widow was anything but kind to her after losing the NBA star and daughter Gianna Bryant in that fatal helicopter crash on January 26 and now she’s speaking out to let everyone know her truth.

A promo for the televised sit-down, which was conducted completely in Spanish, has already begun making the rounds on social media and we have to say, we did not see this coming for the Bryant family. As far as anyone knew, Vanessa has been leaning on close friends and relatives while trying to navigate this chapter of life without her husband and their 13-year-old daughter and presumably, her mom was part of that support system, too.

Speaking to correspondent David Valadez, Sofia said that Kobe’s body has been laid to rest in a private ceremony, but then she switched gears and shed tears explaining why things are on the rocks with the mourning momma. She said that Vanessa not only told her to vacate the house she lives in, but she also demanded that she return her car, as well.

At this point, it’s unclear why things allegedly turned out this way, though it’s highly likely this had to do with money given that Sofia said the late professional basketball player took care of her financially. 

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