UP govt deceiving people with promise of jobs: Lallu

UP govt deceiving people with promise of jobs: Lallu
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Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Congress on Sunday accused the Yogi Adityanath government of deceiving people with a promise to provide 1.25 crore jobs and said its claims are "false" and not synonymous with the ground reality.

UP Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lallu said the government promise of providing 1.25 crore jobs "is false, and cheating (thagi)".

He alleged the government is claiming that the work people are doing in villages as the jobs it has provided, adding, "The public will not forgive it for this cheating and scam (gorakh dhanda)."

Lallu said the ground reality is something else. "Everyday, at one place or the other, people are committing suicides because of economic hardships," he added.

He said a migrant labourer, who had returned from Surat to Amlohra village in Banda district, committed suicide on Friday.

"From Banda district alone, news reports of 20 persons ending their lives have come. Who is responsible for their deaths? If people are getting employment, then why are they forced to commit suicide," he asked.

"The coronavirus pandemic has brought economic devastation. Industries like glass, brass, carpet, weaving, furniture, leather, hosiery, dairy, earthen utensils, fishery-hatchery have experienced a strong shock. The condition of lakhs of weavers in the state is very bad. Cottage and small scale industries are facing the wrath of recession. But the government did not help them.