Tips to Choose the Right Interior Decorator for your Home

Tips to Choose the Right Interior Decorator for your Home
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The making of a house requires a lot of investment. While there is a lot of money involved, the fact is that the needs extend to more than monetary. People have a lot of emotions attached to it. At the same time, they would want it to be something that is customized for them and their families. Things that go well in large households will not work well in small flats. Other than convenience, aesthetics also has a major role to play in deciding what would go well.

Now considering that there are so many factors at play, it becomes difficult for an individual or a couple to decide on what is best for their house. That is when the role of interior decorators come into the picture.

A lot of people are unsure of what to look for while settling for an interior decorator. The fact that most metropolitan cities offer a good range of options further confuses people. Unlike other service providers, where you need to live with the results of your interior designer’s plan for years in the end. This leaves no room for errors and you need to be extra cautious while making your pick. Through this article, we aim to help you in deciding what is best for you.

1. Identify your style
The place you live in (or the place you work in if you have your own business) is a reflection of who you are. Hence it is important to identify your taste and for that, you may want to spend time going through design magazines, blogs or Pinterest pages and have a rough idea of what you want. When you meet a designer, see if he can deliver you something similar and hear out his ideas. A great designer will have great ideas but not all of it will be to your taste. Having your taste defined will be the first step in picking up an interior designer.

2. Do your research
Do not depend on random recommendations given by a friend or relative. While it helps to have seen a designer’s creation with your own eyes, doing proper research on it is equally important. When you learn about a designer browse through the internet and see their past creations. You may even choose to send an email to the designer or his assistant if you fail to get their portfolio on the website. If you can see yourself living in one of those designs, then shortlist the interior designer. That way you will have a list of interior designers to choose from.

3. Consider the experience
While working on the portfolios of different interior designers, understand the difference between experience and relevant experience. Someone who has worked with 5 clients in designing a kid’s one will be better to design your child’s nursery as compared to someone who has worked with 30 clients, 27 of which are redesigning office spaces. Also, when are you are evaluating such parameters of many interior designers, you may not remember such minute details later. It is always better to have these things documented in a diary.

4. Work on the budget
Most of us have a list of things that we have in mind when we want to set up a new home or remodel the existing one. However, there is a limit to what we can afford, and it is important to work on that before starting the process. Some interior decorators charge an hourly rate whereas others charge a fixed lump sum payment. You must find out the cost associated with each designer before you decide on your final choice.

5. Meet the designers
Once you have shortlisted your interior designers, the next step is to meet them face to face. Trust your gut when it comes to judging the capability of your designer. Understand that it is more than just designs and you will have to collaborate with your designer and work as a team to give your house the makeover it needs. Working with someone who has a good attitude and is ready to cooperate makes things so much easier. That is why this stage is so important while choosing a designer.

6. Be prepared with the questions that you are going to ask
Most Indian interior designers offer just one free meeting session. That makes it important for you to make the most of it. Prepare a list of questions and note that down on paper or on your mobile to ensure that you do not miss anything. Make sure your questions cover the details of the services that the interior decorator is offering you, what is not included, the cost involved and the duration of the project. In case you are interested, feel free to ask details of their clients whom you can get in touch with for referral purposes.

7. Be open to ideas
You will not like everything about any designer. If your ideas are aligned but you see that something that your interior designer is saying does not appeal to you, do not reject the idea upright. Sit down and give it a thought. If needed, discuss it with your partner. In most cases, it is seen that great ideas appear dumb at first hearing. However, even after contemplating, if you feel that the idea isn’t good, reject the design. At the end of the day, it will be you who will be living in the place and it should not have something that you do not like.

Now that you have all these tips, it will be much easier for you to realize which interior designer will be the most appropriate for you. Whoever you go for, make sure that you note down all the details including the cost, tenure of work and other details in a contract and get yourself and your designer to sign it before you make any payment.

Remodelling your home or designing your new home is a lifetime experience and choosing the right interior decorator is the key to making the most of this journey!