This time, last year: How a wheelchair-bound Ashna struggled for life

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The very chirpy and outgoing Ashna Kishore only wishes to bring a smile on the face of her fans and even credits them for encouraging and motivating her. The beautiful actress is currently seen as Kat or Katori Singh in the comedy show “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan”. While the whole world is fighting against the Coronavirus, her challenges are a little different as she literally fought for her life this time in 2019. 

Sharing the painful memory the “Meri Durga” actress said that she was diagnosed with Leptospirosis, commonly known as rat fever, and was in the hospital for over a month. Her condition had become so worse that the doctors even gave up on her at one point, but like a true fighter, she beat the odds and stood on her feet.  “In 2019, while I was shooting for the same show ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, I got this very rare disease Leptospirosis, which mainly affects the organs. With that, I was also diagnosed with Dengue and was suffering from food poisoning and dehydration. In two days I dropped almost 12kgs. In fact, I was not eating for days. I was on oxygen for three days in the hospital. All of that happened so suddenly that even the doctors said it will be difficult to save her,” she said.

That’s not it. She was in terrible agony as she couldn’t even walk and was wheelchair-bound for a long time. And though the doctors had asked her to be on bed rest, her passion for acting made her go back on the set sooner than advised.

“I was in a wheelchair at that time. And I had become so weak that I couldn’t walk. My parents helped me learn how to walk again like a baby. I even suffered memory loss. My immune system had become very weak at that time, and the doctors had asked me to take rest, but I still went back on the set while recovering from it. I want to make people happy with my show and that made me push my limits and start shooting again,” the “Tere Sheher Mein” actress said.

The memory of the incident still gives her a lot of pain, but she went on and said, “Even now my immunity is not that strong, but I am still shooting and it’s a big risk that I am taking. In fact, it’s the same time of 2019 and I am a little scared but I want to make people happy with my show. It’s a great joy to put a smile on someone’s face and that keeps me going.”

She is a brave woman and said that the last year taught her to be strong no matter what life throws at you. She credits her family and her fans for giving her the motivation to work again.

“When the lockdown was announced and we were at home for three months, so that’s the only break I got in a year’s time. I went back on the set soon after I came back from the hospital. I was a little apprehensive about resuming shoot right now, but I think the last year taught me how I can strongly overcome all hurdles and challenges. Mentally, I felt so low but my family helped me throughout, especially my fans, they were all messaging me and asking me when am I going to come back, so this time too I thought I will do it for them. My fans and everyone appreciated my work even more last year,” she said with a tone of excitement.    

 Ashna shared that even during the lockdown her fans kept appreciating her good work and said, “People were messaging me and saying that they are watching the reruns of my show. So, I thought even during these bad times if I can make someone smile, there’s nothing better than that. And if reruns made them so happy, the new episodes can make them happier.” The “Meri Durga” actress, however, admits that the memories of the incident haunt her at times but she doesn’t let that affect her in any way.

“As soon as something like that comes in my mind, I start thinking of positive things. Believe it or not, all these vibes and energies exist, so you will attract, what you think. My fans and everybody who are sending me such great responses, they keep me going and motivated. My show ‘Meri Durga’ is on-air in Indonesia and from there, people are messaging me and saying that they are loving the show. I feel lucky to get so much love. Even right now, ‘Happu Ki Ulta Paltan’ is on-air but my scene will come after two weeks, so they are messaging me why are we not seeing you. Their love keeps me going,” she said.

Through her painful yet heartening story, she wants to motivate all those who are going through tough times. She said, “I want to say that there is nothing stronger than you and you can beat anything if you keep yourself mentally strong. I remember there was a time when I was getting injections every day, I was in the hospital for a month, and there came a point when I was like ‘I am done, I can’t do this’. And then I saw my mother and I had never seen her like that, so it was my mom, my family, and my fans that kept me strong at that time.”

“I felt that if I give up then even they will also lose hope. So, I will suggest everyone not to lose hope and be mentally strong, just be confident, tell yourself that you will get better and you will stand on your feet once again.” Ashna signed off.

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