The Fixer’s trailer gives the impression of Rocky on the cricket field, says Sujoy Ghosh, at the trailer launch of the book ‘The Fixer’

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I would love to play a pivotal role, maybe that of a commentator, if the book is translated to the silver screen, says Aakash Chopra, cricketer-turned-commentator.

National:  Author Suman Dubey shared a trailer to provide a sneak-peek of his debut novel 'The Fixer,' which is set to release on 26th October. ‘The Fixer’ narrates a thrilling tale of an ex-cricketer-turned-fixer who finds himself up against the wall when family business takes an unfortunate turn. On the occasion of the book’s trailer launch, director Sujoy Ghosh and cricketer-turned-commentator Aakash Chopra shared their thoughts on the exciting trailer as well as the plot of the book. During the chat called ‘UnFixed Conversation’ with RJ Rishi Kapoor, Sujoy Ghosh, Aakash Chopra and Suman Dubey spoke about the plot of the book, the trailer and all things films and cricket.

The Fixer’ is a gripping story of a 40-year-old failed cricketer Neil Upadhyay. Cricket, crime, and power dominate the plot of this book and it promises the readers a gripping narrative and interesting characters.

Speaking about the book and trailer, during the ‘UnFixed Conversation’, Director Sujoy Ghosh said, “After seeing the trailer, my first thought was, this is a screenplay for a thriller movie. Another thing I observed is that this book is more about the person and not the sport. Stories and films are based on emotional journeys, and this book is about the journey of redemption. This trailer gives the impression of Rocky (a cult-classic Hollywood film) on the cricket field. The plot of this book has great emotional value and is suitable for a good movie or series.”

Talking about match-fixing, he added, "There's something dark about any industry, including cricket. These things are part and parcel of life; we see it in the film industry as well. Both cricket and the film industry are very alike. I am as good or bad as the last movie I made, just like how a cricketer is as good or bad as his last performance on the pitch.”

Speaking about cricket and the book, Aakash Chopra said, “Match-fixing is about honesty and ethics, and not about the money. I have seen so many players from humble backgrounds reporting being approached for match-fixing. While I may not be able to suggest the actors who can play the leading man, I would love to play a pivotal role, maybe as a commentator, if a movie is made on 'The Fixer'."

Author Suman Dubey

Speaking about the book and the trailer, author Suman Dubey said, “I look at my book as a source of entertainment for my readers, and so I wanted to provide them with a sneak-peek of the story with a trailer. The most exciting thing about writing this book was that at one point, it felt like the main character took off on his own journey beyond my control. This journey of writing a fiction-thriller novel has been the most exciting experience for me, as it combined my passion for observing human nature with my zest for storytelling.”

Published by Rupa Publications, ‘The Fixer’ is available to pre-order in paperback and ebook on and globally on It will also be available on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, and in book stores near you from 26th October.

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