Thanksgiving is Not Just a Day but a Season!

Thanksgiving is Not Just a Day but a Season!
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Thanksgiving is a time between Halloween and Christmas and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a national holiday in the United States and was originated as a harvest festival. In India, Thanksgiving Day is known with different names and celebrated on various dates. For instance, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Bihu, Pongal - all different names in different regions, to celebrate the abundance of harvest.

Why is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Nowadays on Thanksgiving, people get together with friends and families for celebration. It is considered as a day to express gratitude for the abundance in lives, whether that's the good relationships we have with our friends and families, our opportunities, or our health.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in quite a few parts of India as well; the day is majorly observed by Christians in the state of Goa. On this day, people believe that by thanking god, they will remain happy and prosperous throughout the year.

How is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Preparations for the festival start weeks in advance. Temporary altars are built outside churches and are decorated with flowers, vines and creepers. Choirs from around towns compete to win competitions while they also practice singing the entire litany of the Virgin Mary and start preparing themselves for the season of Christmas. While celebrations of Thanksgiving start with the worship at the church, they end with a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Décor

People beautify their homes, by giving the home interiors a whole new look and feel during this occasion. And if you are planning to host the Thanksgiving feast this year, here are a few quick tips to set up the home instantly!

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  • Use the shades of orange, and brown, with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers.
  • Adorn the dining table as well with shades of orange or brown (earthy terracotta), copper or gold to mark the occasion.
  • Include some decoration of fruits, like oranges or pumpkins along with brass candlesticks or scented candles. Choose the shades matching with the decoration and place them in glass vases. Complete the look with a simple tag with “Happy Thanksgiving” and table runner to creates the festive ambiance.

Reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving

Though Thanksgiving is a traditional US holiday, it is celebrated worldwide! Hence, whether you want to celebrate Thanksgiving for the traditional reasons, or just as an excuse to have some fun, check out the list with reasons to celebrate it!

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  • Definitely a good occasion to gather all your friends, flatmates and classmates and have a great time!
  • Since Thanksgiving has become multicultural festival. It gives the chance to experiment and explore party-dishes from various countries and learn more about their culture.
  • Also, the day reminds yourself about all the blessings you have in your life! Though with thousands of reasons to be grateful every single day, Thanksgiving just makes us reflect more deeply about it.