Team Hi-Tech facilitates students to come digitally and and enhance their growth

Team Hi – Tech in collaboration with Sthitiprajna Higher Secondary School launched the online platform for the students in Orissa. This is the first time for students of Stithiprajna to access their study materials digitally. The pandemic situation made everyone shut down their college and school gates and broaden the possibility of learning online through zoom or Google meet classes.

Akash Jaiswal, Executive Head of Team Hi-Tech said, “We have always been interested in working with educational organizations. Sthitiprajna with time has grown unexpectedly which also includes a proper presence in the digital world. What motivated me to assign the most engaged people to this project was online education being a need of the hour, which has definitely paid off.”

Live streaming of classes is one of the ways many colleges and schools continue teaching during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Aptakama Mishra, Advocate & Honorary Secretary of Sthitiprajna Higher Secondary School, said, “I'm touched beyond words. With this initiative students will not face the problems they were facing earlier. The website helps the students to get their syllabus, accessible anytime, anywhere despite noting down in paper, interaction with teachers if any queries, easily accessible library with different kinds of books, and a special column for categorizing achievements of students. It maintains the flow and motivates students to study.”

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