Stories of Resilience - The Book of Encouragement & Hope

Stories of Resilience - The Book of Encouragement & Hope
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Bhubaneswar: Children wounded by violence and sexual assault can overcome all forms of trauma and transform into resilient beings when nurtured with love, education and creative leadership pedagogies, a new book says.

The book titled Stories of Resilience, brings to life, stories of badly wounded world of children, who ultimately offer an incredible message of encouragement and hope to all readers.

Authored by award winning writer Ramendra Kumar, the book has been launched by Protsahan India Foundation, a non profit organisation working for child rights in India.

Tales of children who have healed themselves and one another from the deepest personal injuries of violence, child marriage, intergenerational poverty, sexual violence and patriarchy, have been presented in the book, the Foundation said in a statement.

This book is not only a compilation of real life stories of how Protsahan made an impact in the lives of the girls through an integrated arts based leadership training programme that was based in trauma informed compassionate care, it also stands out as a documented narrative of how broken childhoods can transform into resilient childhoods, it said.

Ramendra Kumar, who happens to be the Chief of Communications (CoC) at Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) of SAIL, said the book retells many of these stories, framing them in ways that will challenge and richly instruct those who would help heal such trauma.

Director and founder of Protsahan India Foundation, Sonal Kapoor said she has seen firsthand how victims of inhumanity have found the inner strength to overcome life altering trauma with renewed faith and have even regained humour and optimism at the foundation.

Kapoor said the author over long interview based research with the Protsahan team, has beautifully, subtly and intricately described self-healing in children in an ambience of love and through trauma informed compassionate care model.

Narrating stories of child survivors, the book tells that we all have the capacity to heal and lead truly meaningful lives.

"His empowering message is that the invisible wounds left by violence are not intractable, that people can and will persevere, and he offers a handful of real life stories that transformed forever through Protsahans deep work with children within Indias slums," the statement said.

Recommended for academic and specialised collections in mental health and counseling, this book shares real stories of children who have mastered themselves in the face of extreme violence and adversity, and became tiny incredible leaders of the world around them, it said.

Stating that many children experience traumatic life events,it said the organisation works with children facing the trauma of sexual violence, lack of education, lack of compassion, lack of resources to even have two square meals a day, leave alone resources that are needed for a child to thrive.