Someone Has to Die

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Ratings: 4/5

Episodes: 3

Director: Manolo Caro

Writers: Manolo Caro, Monika Revilla, Fernando Pérez

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 16th October 2020

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Star Cast: Ernesto Alterio, Eduardo Casanova, Pilar Castro, Carlos Cuevas, Ester Expósito, Mariola Fuentes, Isaac Hernández, Carmen Maura, Manuel Morón, Anthony Sorrells, Alejandro Speitzer, Cecilia Suárez, Juan Carlos Vellido, Christian Caner, Abril Montilla, Bruno Sevilla

Plot: ‘Someone Has to Die’ is set in the 1950s era and centres around a young man Gabino (Alejandro Spetizer), who is being asked by his parents to return from Mexico to Spain, to meet his future fiance Cayetana (Ester Expósito), whom they have found for him to marry.  However, he returns accompanied by Lazaro (Isaac Hernández), a mysterious male ballet dancer. And since the show is set in the 50s, people were conservative back then and did not receive this decision of the man kindly.

Review: ‘Someone Has to Die’ is a new Netflix mini-series, with just three episodes, each under one hour. This Spanish-language series (original title Alguien tiene que morir) is a Spanish and Mexican co-production. It is of the thriller genre, with a blend of crime, mystery, and of course a lot of drama!

The director of the film, Manolo Caro has quite a few productions under his belt, as both writer and director already. He also directed the Perfect Strangers (2018), which is definitely worth checking out. Other than him, two additional writers Fernando Pérez and Monika Revilla had written on all three episodes, who have worked on several TV series prior to this one.

Much of the plot in the film revolves around an internal family drama and homophobia. As the story is set in the 1950s, they have written the screenplay, keeping in mind the era. Though the writers have presented a story that is set in a different time, it is highly relevant even today. As people even today think that being a homosexual is a disease, so they try to treat the ones who are open about it. In the show, the homosexuals are given monstrous treatment as they are called sinners. And some of the scenes would make you question humanity, but one cannot deny it, as that is the reality!

The writers also aptly show how men feel threatened for their masculinity when someone among them chooses a different path. Despite focusing on this subject, the writing nowhere comes preachy.


When it comes to performances, Gabino played by Alejandro Speitzer has given a stellar performance. Even Lázaro, played by Isaac Hernández, plays his part amazingly. He played the role of a dancer in the series, and you would get to see a good glimpse of the same.

Also, Ernesto Alterio as Gregorio plays a heartless man and a horrible father. His acts will make one furious; hence all the credits go to him, for such a natural performance! The rest of the actors Cecilia Suárez, Ester Expósito, Mariola Fuentes, and Carmen Maura, too played their part well.

As far as the technical aspects of the film are concerned, the series is shot exceptionally well, and is visually rich. With scenes flowing from one to the other, even the production quality is excellent. Also, the background score is good too.

However, making it into a web series has stretched the story and made the pace slow. Yes, it is lengthy even for a miniseries and it would have been better as a 2-hour movie.

Overall, ‘Someone Has To Die’ is very bingable, very relevant and very heart-breaking.

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