Short film to highlight importance of Hindi language

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Bhopal: An Indore-based filmmaker has made a short film titled "14 September" to raise awareness about Hindi language.

September 14 is celebrated as Hindi Diwas in India.

Keshav Rai, who has made several short films on social issues so far, said he chose to make a film on Hindi language as he was shocked to know that a large number of school children fail in this subject in various board exams in the country, including in the Hindi-speaking state of Uttar Pradesh.

"When I read in newspapers that more than eight lakh children failed in Hindi in a major state like Uttar Pradesh, I was appalled to see the condition of the language that binds the people of the country," Rai said on Friday.

Rai said that he has written the script of the film, which has been directed by Rajesh Rathi.

"This short film aims to raise awareness among the people, especially children and teachers, about the importance of Hindi language," he said.

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