Saurabh Kudesia launched the second part of his maiden mythological fiction thriller series – Stuti

Hyderabad, India: The mysteries of the widely loved Mahabharata-based mythological fiction thriller series, written by veteran technical writer Saurabh Kudesia have gone deeper with the release of its second Part - Stuti.

Published by Hind Yugm publication, the series starts with “Part 1: Aahvan” that covers a mysterious will that appears out of nowhere after Rohan and his son’s death in an accident. When Rohan’s friend Inspector Jayant starts investigating this will with Rohan’s family, a series of strange incidents force him to believe that the truth of Rohan’s will is far deeper and mysterious than he could ever imagine. On digging deeper, both Jayant and Rohan’s family started facing the brutal truth of these mysteries and soon left with the realization that history is not as convincing as it appears and its hidden truths are far more frightening than they could ever imagine.

“This series is a blueprint for the individuals who seek unique scientific insights and hidden aspects of Vedic practices. It covers some of the most difficult conundrums of Mahabharata, while seamlessly enjoying multiple genres of crime, mystery, fiction, and mythology,” said Saurabh, who has been playing leadership roles with various multinational companies for the last 20 years. He is an alumnus of BITS Pilani, IIM Bangalore, Symbiosis Pune, and Bhopal University. 

"Part 1: Aahvan” received high praises from readers who described the book as “one of the best books written in Mythological fiction genre with a very unique concept”, ‘full of thrill and mysteries’ and “a novel of a lifetime, which will move the readers to the extreme core of their beliefs.”

In “Part 2: Stuti”, Inspector Jayant continues to track the clues and attempts to solve the mysteries of Rohan’s death while unfolding deeper secrets of Mahabharata.

"I hope that this series draws mainstream's attention towards the scientific, social, political and practical aspects of Vedic culture in an engaging manner,” Saurabh added.

The book is available at offline and online stores.    

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