Sadhguru to talk about karma in new book

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New Delhi: Spiritual teacher Sadhguru will come out with a book early next year in which he will seek to demystify karma and its many aspects.

Titled "Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Creating Your Own Destiny", it will be published under Penguin Random House's literary imprint on mind, body and spirit, Penguin Ananda.

This book is a deep dive into understanding karma and its consequences, albeit in a new perspective, which will give people the opportunity and awareness to navigate the course of their own destiny, the publishers said.

Commenting on his upcoming book, Sadhguru says, "When I looked at the variety of misconceptions surrounding the word 'karma', I saw that it is one of the most misunderstood aspects of life. People need to see that karma is not just bondage, it can also become a process of liberation. This book has been conceived as a manual of this process."

According to Vaishali Mathur, publisher (Indian language publishing) at Penguin Random House India, karma is a subject which needs a deeper level of understanding and accounts for much of the existential debate these days and who better than Sadhguru can provide that insight.

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher (Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing) at Penguin Random House India, says Sadhguru has the ability to explain the most complex concepts simply and lucidly, and that is what makes his reach global and his impact long lasting.

The book will be simultaneously launched in the US and India in early 2021.

Sadhguru, a speaker and an opinion-maker, is also the founder of Isha Foundation.

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