RENAPS launches ORMIT™-Java, the only Oracle Forms to Java automated Migration tool

RENAPS launches ORMIT™-Java, the only Oracle Forms to Java automated Migration tool
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RENAPS in collaboration with 7Bulls introduces ORMIT™-Java the only truly automated Forms to Java Migration tool for the North American market. ORMIT™-Java is powered by Re_Forms21 technology

MONTREAL: RENAPS and 7Bulls have struck a partnership for ReForms 21 one of the industry's only automated migration tool for Oracle Forms to Java. With this agreement, RENAPS is poised to dominate the North American market for Forms to Java migration as the exclusive distribution partner for ReForms21 in North America.

Named ORMIT™-Java, this product is part of the ORMIT™ line of migration tools that includes among others Ormit™-Forms for Oracle Forms modernization and migration, ORMIT™-JASPER for automated migration from Oracle Reports to JasperReports and ORMIT™-BIP a tool that migrates Oracle Reports to BI Publisher.

Patrick Hamou, RENAPS CEO believes this tool fits perfectly in its line of Migration tools, ORMIT™. "For more than 20 years we have been helping corporations large and small upgrade their software applications and migrate to new versions. Automation and cost savings are at the core of what we provide. Today there is high demand for moving from Forms to Java. We scanned the industry and have found that ReForms 21 is the ideal tool to migrate from Forms to Java.

ReForms 21, branded as ORMIT™- Java for the North American market, fully automates the migration process from Oracle Forms to Java. The resulting app contains all the features of modern Java applications with the same ease of development as Oracle Forms.