Moonshot Conversation Invites Another Global Guest - Andrew Newman

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Moonshot Conversations, led by the Founders of Korroboree, Ms. Lina Ashar and Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, is quickly becoming the most talked about and the most favourite Facebook Live for parents across India. With just 18 episodes, Moonshot Conversations’s Facebook Live has crossed over 13.5 Million views. The aim of these conversations is to spread the word of expanding human potential and exploring its limitlessness.

With guests from across the globe to share their thoughts that resonate with the essence of Moonshot Conversations, every episode helped the audience to learn to live better with mindfulness. From exploring mindfulness with Raageshwari Loomba to discovering the power of music with Ani Choying Drolma and Drums Sivamani. 

This sunday, Moonshot Conversations is all set to welcome a very special guest - Mr. Andrew Newman, a uniquely talented and one-of-a-kind storyteller. An author of 14 books that enables parents to build a connection through storytelling, Mr. Newman will discuss the aspects of Conscious Storytelling on 25th October, 5:00 PM onwards. 

Mr. Newman has been a Ted Talk speaker motivating millions and an author who writes for everyone from a toddler to an 85-year old, his stories makes their readers embark on a journey of spiritual stability. 

The episode will touch upon various interesting questions like - 

  • What are conscious stories?
  • How can they help our children inculcate values and beliefs that nourishes their soul?
  • Why do children like having the same book reread to them?
  • How can parents unlock their “inner child” and repair every damage inflicted on their souls as children?

In the previous episode on The Power of the Story, Lina has offered a detailed discussion on how storytelling creates a child’s belief. Lina says, “As human beings, we are programmed for stories. They’re part of who we are. It’s how we evolved to understand our place in the world before we had written language, how we passed on lessons for where to find food, or what threats were coming for us, or how to build relationships within our tribes and our families. We are biologically wired to help one another.”

Mr. Newman, who is the Founder of The Conscious Bedtime Story Club, backs Lina’s words up with his strongest belief of, "When we make the last 20 minutes of the day a time for mindfulness and connection, we help children go to sleep feeling sale, loved, and like they belong. This helps them sleep deeper that if they are anxious and they wake up with confidence and creativity to be the best versions of themselves. The extra bonus is you will feel the benefits of this connection time, knowing you are being a great parent!"


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