Medically Inspired Reading About Challenging Life Experiences Online Bookstore

Medically Inspired Reading About Challenging Life Experiences Online Bookstore
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CHICAGO: In a survey by Miracle Online Bookstore, 110 responses from various market segments like Health care organizations, Healthcare professionals, Parental groups, and Educators were received.

Among 110 responses, 60% of the respondents said that their preferred medium of reading is the internet and around 30% of them still prefer the traditional way of reading i.e. from the paperback.
8.3% of the health care professionals who participated in the survey found that children with emotional, mental, physical challenges display low self-esteem and around 85% of the parents are concerned about explaining medical illnesses to their children. Also, 58% of healthcare professionals showed their interest in recommending MIRACLE, which provides medically-related books to parents, helping them in assisting children explaining their illness.

7.3% of the educators who responded to the survey, most of them have taught a classroom that had a child with a medical illness and highly recommends that schools/university libraries should have a segment of books for students on character-building.

However, they have got 22 responses from parents and students. From the survey, it has been found that 58.7% of the people aren't aware of the resources available that communicate medical illnesses and life challenges to children. In order to promote health awareness of children across all communities, a survey was conducteded and also to promote MIRACLE who provide books that encourage individuals to accept the emotional and physical differences of children while empowering these children to live life to their fullest potential. 

Out of this 30 % of the survey respondents were Parents and 70% of them were students. The survey received mixed response where half of the people have got a chance to help a child or anyone suffering from medical illness. Regarding what kind of medical illness they have seen in the child, as it can be found from the report, that mostly the respondents have come across children with anxiety issues and seasonal allergies.

While analyzing Community and Organization data, 60% of Community and Organization events or activities where staff, community members and families that are educating on encouraging children to accept and understand their illnesses and life challenges, and 90% of them cared about children in (0-15 years) age domain with physiological age being (0-10 years).
71 out of 110 people previously didn't know about any bookstore providing books that explain and introduce real-life medical illnesses, conditions, and circumstances to children. And, 30 became aware of it through this survey.

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