Master Classes for High Schoolers aspiring to study Medicine

Master Classes for High Schoolers aspiring to study Medicine

St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies have announced a series of master classes targeting High Schoolers across Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Dr. Kesava Kumar Mandalaneni, Assistant professor of Neuroscience will be kick off the tour with a session at Indus Intl. School & Greenwood High Intl. School, Bangalore on November 7th, 2019.  The masterclasses are designed to help students understand and gather information on a career in medicine while providing a valuable perspective into the life of a medical student.

The number of NEET applicants is increasing approximately by 2 lacs every year, leading to an increase in the cut-off score. As a result, students are exploring opportunities overseas to make it as a qualified medical professional.

These masterclasses aim to address every single query from the students as well as the parents. They will also have an opportunity to speak directly with the delegates of SGU, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in choosing a career in medicine early in life. Medical school aspirants need to begin preparations well is advance to crack the competitive NEET exams. This session will help school students with the requisite knowledge to prepare for a career as a Medical Professional.

Dr Kesava Kumar Mandalaneni adds, “These masterclasses will entail webinars and lectures on Neuroanatomy, and other medical applications, in a way that it is comprehensible for school students. These classes will also expose students to a range of topics in medicine in a practical and student-friendly format so that it ignites a desire to learn more about a rewarding and prestigious career path.”

Salil Gupta, South Asia Regional Manager says, “St. George’s University, with its extensive network of graduates, a strong and expanding clinical program, excellent student support services, and a consistent record of residency placement over the last four years, we offer our current and future students a great position for success. It feels amazing to share that our University is now the third-largest source of doctors for the entire US workforce.”