Marion Cotillard, Matt Berry board animated feature 'The Inventor'

Marion Cotillard, Matt Berry board animated feature 'The Inventor'
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Los Angeles: French star Marion Cotillard and "What We Do In the Shadows" actor Matt Berry has joined the voice cast of stop-motion animated family feature "The Inventor."

To be written and directed by Jim Capobianco of "Ratatouille" fame, the movie will feature British actors Stephen Fry and Daisy Ridley in the lead, reported Variety.

The film will follow the story of Leonardo da Vinci (Fry), whose free-thinking ways clashed with Pope Leo X (Berry), who sent the inventor far from Rome to the more enlightened but reluctant French court of Francis I, his sister Marguerite (Ridley) and his mother Louise de Savoy (Cotillard).

Capobianco will also serve as the producer on the project alongside Robert Rippberger. Don Hahn will executive produce.

"Marion's exceptional talent, as Queen Louise of Savoy, a very French and complex character, a ruler over her family but not the kingdom, paired with Matt's amazing voice and flamboyant personality will entertain children and adults alike," the director-producer said.

"Matt has such a great voice and is such a wonderful comedian, I'm confident he will bring his deep baritone voice and flamboyant personality to our beloved over-dramatic, over-sized Pope," he added.

"The Inventor" is currently in pre-production and expected to release in 2023.