Makeup Tips for Dandiya and Garba Nights That Will Help You Look Your Best

Makeup Tips for Dandiya and Garba Nights That Will Help You Look Your Best
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As the auspicious festival of Navratri begins from today, the energy is sky-high. Garba and Dandiya nights are filled with irresistible dance moves, but with all the dancing, the traditional look is also the center of attraction. So, this is the perfect time for you to up your glam quotient.

Even though your outfit may be apt as you twirl to your favorite Garba song, what might not stay in place during the heat and humidity is your makeup. The warmth has turned up a couple of notches, and the sweating season has begun.

So, while you groove on the Navratri numbers, there’s quite a possibility that your makeup might droop and drip down your face. But, if you are not already planning to celebrate Halloween, this isn’t the look you are wishing for. Don’t worry; we have your back for the perfect Navratri look this year. 

Here are few handy tips for Dandiya and Garba Night for this Navratri to make you look extra special while you dance to the melodious beats during this festival season.

Make Use the Right Tools

Applying the right products is important, but with what you apply your makeup also plays a huge role. Yes, the make tools or brushes you use are the key to getting the perfect look. Avoid using bare hands to do your makeup.

You might be in a hurry, but suing hands is not the right way. Our hands are warm, and it may spread the product evenly, but it wouldn’t set your skin well. The best makeup tip is to use a damp beauty blender.

Cover your exposed skin

Covering the skin means you should evenly apply the product. If you notice any discoloration on your back, neck or shoulders, use a little corrector to conceal, then dab some concealer and finally set it with powder.

An important Navratri makeup tip is to not forget to brush some highlighter on your shoulder and collarbone. It looks fabulous!

Prime Your Face

Before you begin your makeup routine, ensure you have a good face primer. It helps to evenly apply makeup and it also stays longer.

Moreover, it's essential to use an eye primer to keep away from a caked and smudged eye shadow look.

Water-Based Makeup Products

Water-based products are light on the skin, using them doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing any makeup. Regardless to say, Garba is going to be full of dance, hopping, and sweat, who’d want the makeup to melt?

So, instead of going heavy on the foundation, go for a lighter one that easily blends in the skin.

Also, if you've got dry skin, don’t forget to moisturize before applying any makeup.

Eyeshadow Colors

Ask anyone what you notice first in a person, and there comes the reply “Eyes”. So, now you know how important eye makeup is? Eye makeup can either make or break your look. Getting those perfect glittery eyes is difficult but not impossible.

Since your attire will either be multicolored or comprising of bright colors, you should avoid loud eye makeup. You wouldn’t want to look like a rainbow with too many colors, do you?

Rather go for neutral colors and keep it simple like Smokey eyes, bronze, copper, golds and more. Using an eyeshadow that matches your outfit is a big NO! Also, if you want your eye makeup to last long, go for cream-based eyeshadows and set it with powdered eyeshadow. It will not only last longer but also give you a highly pigmented touch.

Voluminous Eyelashes

Let your eyes speak and make the required noise. When it comes to eye makeup, Kajal and Mascaras are common, but many forget what magic they can create. Wearing mascara will open your eyes and add a touch of expressiveness, so apply a thick coat of waterproof mascara.  If you wish to add more drama, you can also go for false eyelashes. Also, you can wear a nice coat of eyeliner, depending on your eye shape and size.

Lastly, eye makeup is incomplete without good looking brows. So, don’t forget to groom and fill your brows.

Luscious Lips

Whether it’s an everyday look or a special day look, pampering your lips is a must. Pull out the best lip color from your stash and flaunt it.

If you’re going using a darker eyeshadow, go for a subtle lip color like peach pink, light corals, nudes and orange. And if you have kept your eyes light, balance it up with a darker and vibrant lipstick shade like red, burgundy or plum. This contrast will not only add an element to your look but also suit your Indian skin.

Remember, you’re going to one gala event and it is all about how you shine with the neatly done makeup!


Highlighting your face will help you get a more natural look and not merely a plain base of the foundation. It will radiate the features of your face beautifully, so ensure that you’re perfectly applying and blending the highlighter. Strong light may focus on the streak sharp lines that might be left due to imperfect blending, so be careful.

Apply Bindi

A traditional festival calls for a complete traditional look. And how can you miss wearing a bindi for the best traditional look? It will add more color and compliment your overall look

Trendy Hairdo

As you’re going to do a lot of dancing and playing, you should think of an easy yet trendy hairdo. Avoid leaving your hair open, because sweating will make your day miserable. It is advisable to go for a braided look simply tie a bun, which securely holds the hair away from the face!

Accessorize Like a Pro

While your dress is going to be heavy enough, make sure you go for lightweight accessories. No, we wouldn’t want you to quit your favorite earrings, rings, bracelets, but don’t just overdo them.

Wear your favorite accessories, but also ensure to secure them with safety pins so that while dancing they don’t come flying to the ground.

Sparkle Up Your Nails

A glittery based nail paint will give you a perfect festive combination of colors and shimmers.

Go for Comfy Footwear

Go for comfortable juttis or mojris as too much dancing and moving may leave your ankle hurt. Also, the uneven level of the dance ground might not favor your high stilettos!

Take care of your skin

Finally, skincare is the key to everything. If you’re going to apply makeup every day, your skin may have a dreadful experience. Thus, exfoliating the skin becomes extremely important. During these 9 days, make sure you exfoliate your skin at least twice with a good mild scrub. Carefully remove your makeup every night; also keep wet-wipes handy.

Using hydrating masks can give you instant freshness and make all the above Navratri makeup tips work wonders.

Make your Dandiya and Garba celebrations more exciting and memorable with these new flawless looks!