Little Drummer Boy – New Single Release

Little Drummer Boy – New Single Release
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CHARLOTTE, N.C.: Virillion Music announces the release of a new single, Little Drummer Boy by composer and recording artist, Marc Hoffman.The single features Marc's new, jazz-influenced arrangement of the Christmas classic.

Marc says, "The Little Drummer Boy has been a favorite of mine for many years and I am delighted to share a new arrangement of this holiday favorite with you. There's something so beautiful in the simplicity of the song and I have tried to stay true to the original arrangement while adding my own, modern touch."

The track, featuring vocal, piano and percussion, also features guest artist, bassist Nelson Rios. "Nelson's incredibly tasteful bass track was a big part of this recording and I can't thank him enough for playing!," Marc said.

Marc's original jazz and concert works have been performed across the US and in the UK, France, Canada and The Netherlands. His latest CD, Astral Force can be heard on all streaming sites.

Marc Hoffman was born in NC, received a degree in composition from the North Carolina School of the Arts, and completed additional study in film composition at the University of Southern California. He also studied at The Dartington International Summer School of Music in Devon, England. After establishing himself as a composer and performer of classical, choral, film, theatre, and pop music, Marc Hoffman began pursuing his passion for jazz in the early 1990s. Marc most often performs with trio, but works as a soloist and with other ensembles as well. Marc's concert, jazz and popular music has been performed and broadcast across the US and in the UK and Europe.

His composition teachers have included David Ott, Leo Arnaud, Neil Hefti, and Sherwood Shaffer. Marc is also founder and Artistic Director of the Salisbury School of Music.

The track will be available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. on 12/13/19.