Life and Times of Alex Esguerra, Now Officially on Paperback

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From how do you integrate success to life and times the story of advocacy

SAN FRANCISCO: Former APEC Youth Representative and ADLE International Founder and Author Alex Esguerra's new book, "Life and Times of Alex Esguerra" is now in paperback, From how do you integrate success to life and times the story of advocacy. In this book, you will see the different writings of advocacy and stories to realities. Political Economics from the Asia Pacific Economic Region from the age of 1990s to Present Pandemic age.

The book compiles some of the blog writings from WordPress and blogger articles dating back from pre and post-Obama administrations. It writes on the common struggles on a common day to day living in the American cities as a common low-income person, a person with disabilities, veterans, LGTBQ, Trans, Seniors, minorities just as examples. It also writes on present current issues on the pandemic, elections, the Trump presidency, voting, race, and healthcare.

Alex Esguerra was a Former APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Young Entrepreneur and Youth Representative from 1996-98. He co-chaired the APEC Young Entrepreneurs Association in Ottawa Canada during the 1997 Economic Leaders Summit. Right after he founded ADLE International in 1998 in Portland, OR with a vision of Affordable Books for limited income earners.

The book is available on major publishing houses as well as Amazon and Lulu.

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