Know All About Valentine's Day

Know All About Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14. This day is celebrated as the Western Feast day where one or more early saints named Valentinus are honoured. This day is celebrated as a day of romance in many places around the world. There are various stories associated with the cause behind celebrating this day.

According to a story, Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned as he performed weddings for soldiers who were restricted to marry. Emperor Claudius II had given orders that young men should not marry as he believed that after marriage men no longer remained good soldiers. However, Valentine performed marriages secretly to young men and did not obey his order. Valentine was persecuted by the Emperor, and thus the tradition of Valentine's day was started.

According to another story, Saint Valentine brought eye sight to the blind daughter of his judge. He wrote a farewell letter that was signed "Your Valentine" before his execution.

According to a story, on this day the Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 gave a Feast of Saint Valentine to honour the martyr Saint Valentine of Rome who died on that date.

During the 18th century, in England people started expressing their love for each other by presenting flowers, sending greeting cards, and offering sweets and chocolates. In the 19th century, handwritten Valentine cards were given. Now-a-days, all these are a trend for celebrating Valentine’s Day, while common gifts for Valentine's day are flowers, chocolates, candy, lingerie, and sparkling wine or champagne.

In Europe, Saint Valentine's keys are given to lovers implying they have to unlock the giver's heart as a romantic symbol. These keys are also given to children to drive away epilepsy and this is called Saint Valentine's Malady.

This year, Valentine's day is on Friday, the 14th of February. Valentine's day is largely a western tradition. However, now-a-days it is also celebrated in the eastern part as well as in countries like India and China. This day is celebrated to commemorate the love between couples and companions. Some people use the occasion to present lavish gifts such as jewellery.

On this day, lovers give gifts and cards to express their love for each other while single men and women go out to find their valentine. Several clubs and hotels organise special nights with special discounts on this day where the couples can enjoy candlelight dinner and other romantic settings. Valentine cards are often decorated with images of red roses, cupid or hearts.

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Valentine's Day is not a public holiday. On this day, schools, offices, and business organisations function just like any other day.

Valentine's Day is celebrated from a week ahead in the form of a valentine’s week. The Rose Day is celebrated on February 7th and is the first day of Valentine week. This is followed by Propose day on February 8th. Then we have Chocolate Day on February 9th. The following day on February 10th is teddy day, while 11th February is Promise day. Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February, which is followed by Kiss day is on 13th of February.