Kent Ro Extends Artificial Intelligence Product Portfolio

New Delhi: In wake​ ​of COVID-19 outbreak, KENT RO​ ​Systems Limited, the most trusted water purifying brand, has announced yet another​ ​breakthrough product- KENTCamAttendance,a Next-Gen Touchless Attendance​ ​System based on Facial Recognition. The new innovation of KENT is the extension​ ​of AI product portfolio which was launched last year with KENT CamEye.




KENT CamAttendance






- AI Face Recognition: AI

based computer vision for face detection & face recognition




-Mask compliance: Inbuilt

algorithm for optional mask detection



-Real Person Detection:

Patented algorithm to differentiate between real person & a HD photo/video



-High Accuracy &

Speed: Face Recognition takes less than a second with an accuracy of




-Smart Alerts: System

alerts in cases of anomalies like employee not wearing a mask etc.


Post COVID-19, managing employee attendance systems has become a​ ​nightmare for the industry as the use of existing biometric attendance machines has​ ​been prohibited. With no other reliable attendance capturing mechanism, the​ ​​industry has switched back to manual attendance which is error prone and​ ​difficult to manage. The helpless situation is not only a problem for H​R managers, but for employees too as they are still being forced to use biometric​ ​machines in many places.

To fill this lag, KENT has stepped​ ​forward with its Next-Gen Touchless Attendance based on Facial Recognition.​ ​It uses AI based computer vision to capture and recognize the face of an​ ​​employee for attendance purposes. It is managed via a secure cloud application that stores​ ​employee records and employee photos and​ ​data which can be seamlessly integrated​ ​with existing HRMS. It is a faster and more reliable system than the manual​ ​attendance. Most​ ​importantly, the product is designed and manufactured in India with data &servers​ ​also residing in India.

Furthermore, multiple KENT Cam Attendance devices can be deployed​ ​in one premises and across different sites. All Cam Attendance devices can​ ​be controlled centrally from the cloud and data from all Cam Attendance devices also comes to the cloud in real-time. Company HR can view all data from the cloud and​ ​generate employee attendance.

Employees and supervisors can use the​ ​optional mobile app for added functionalities such as check-in via mobile, which allows one to mark attendance through mobile via face recognition and/or geo​ ​location. The mobile feature also offers leave application, attendance​ ​regularization and approval. Furthermore, with the help of the team view​ ​functionality, one can check attendance of team members through a consolidated​ ​view including their physical locations on a map.

Commenting on the new KENT Cam Attendance solution, Mr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO​ ​Systems Ltd. said, “This new product is in sync with our philosophy to​ ​ensure the well-being of people.  We​ ​believe that safety should never be compromised. The pandemic triggered us to​ ​come up with this product. We are confident and excited to bring to market a​ ​much-needed product that improves employee confidence & safety in these​ ​pressing times.

This unique and a revolutionary​ ​solution will help to capture & manage attendance without risking infection​ ​via surface transmission. KENT Cam Attendance is a touchless attendance system​ ​which uses facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence to completely​ ​eliminate the need for tactile interaction as experienced in biometric or manual​ ​systems.”  

“This product is a result of extensive R&D and has been​ ​completely designed and developed in India.” he further added.

The KENT​ ​Cam Attendance system has been priced competitively at INR 25,000 + taxes. A​ ​nominal annual fee is also payable for using the cloud platform.

​K​ENT has roped in Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador for KENT Cam Attendance. King Khan is also the ambassador of KENT Cam Eye launched​ ​last year - Next-Gen Car Camera that ensures 100% Security for your family and​ ​your Car.


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