Kangana Ranaut turns interior designer for Rangoli's new pad, brings out Chic & Classic charm with locally sourced material

Kangana Ranaut turns interior designer for  Rangoli's new pad, brings out Chic & Classic charm with locally sourced material
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After acting, direction, penning down poems Kangana Ranaut has now nailed another skill. She has designed her sister Rangoli Chandel’s newly made home in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. 

A 4bhk house which is spread over 6000 sq feet has separate rooms for the staff as well. 

Rangoli recently shared some pictures of her house and both the sisters spoke about the entire process of designing this dream house.

Excerpts from the interview: 

Having designed Rangoli’s house, Kangana was asked if she had plans of wanting to do interior design, here’s what she had to say. “Not really, I never really thought about it. I feel this comes naturally to me as creativity is somehow an extension of myself as I'm more inclined towards sophistication. I don't know how to explain it but I think I volunteered to design it, because it was my sister's house and I know her from our childhood. There's just one thing about her which I don't get and it's the fact that she's so hardworking that she eventually gets all things done and that too perfectly! She doesn't like any frills attached to anything, which of course is not my style, so when she asked me for inputs I was like, "inputs and who will do the rest of the things?" and she's like, "well, what is there to be done?" And I'm like, there you go. So that's how it all started.”

Rangoli shared some memories of hers with Kangana growing up together at their Himachal house, “Actually, we have an age gap of four years, so we never really played with each other. We both had our own set of friends but I remember Kangana organizing small picnics for all. She was also very obsessed with her dolls; so much that once when we were getting some furniture made at home, she used to be right after the carpenter, asking him to make a sofa, bed, and other furniture for her dolls as well. Not only that but she also used to design their clothes and arrange their marriages from a very young age. She would be happy in her own world and since I was older I would always look at her in amusement and see how she's tension free and lost in her own world with her dolls and decorating them.” 

Elaborating on the process of designing this dream house Kangana reveals that most of the furniture and materials were sourced locally by them. 

“Well, the process has been very organic as Rangoli wanted very conventional stuff for a family home and she didn't want to hire any help from outside Kullu. She wanted to make use of local workers and materials, so she was doing everything to make things difficult for me (giggles). She was like if we hire someone from Delhi or Mumbai then they would use construction materials from outside Kullu and given the fact that she's very comfortable with natural stone, wood and a huge fan of white stone marble, which I'm not, so we had our share of conflicts as well. I tried to
source everything locally but what's amazing is the fact that in this entire ordering process, I was in Tamil Nadu.

The idols in the temple are from Bengaluru, the rugs from Udaipur, and the lights from Delhi. We have used all the things made in India which are of such superior quality and that too at a reasonable price. In today's digital age, everything has become so easy that I remember, when I had bought my second house in Mumbai, I had got so many things from Italy but now when I see the things available in India itself and that too delivered in Kullu way in advance, I was really impressed.

The only thing where I needed some clarity was the geometry and the measurements as it was something really new, so I had to be very much aware of the house. But Rangoli and her husband really liked it and they were like "it's beyond our expectation" so that was something that I really loved.” 

Speaking about her vision of her house and how Kangana got involved with the decor, Rangoli reveals, “To be honest, I am not into the decor thing and it's impossible to find an interior designer in Kullu, so the only option I had was hiring one from either Delhi or Mumbai. But that didn't seem like a viable option to me as I wanted to make use of the local stuff. I asked Kangana for her suggestion and post that she just took off with her drawing board and all. She has worked each and every minute detail of the house, despite being on the sets of her projects.

I would be literally shocked when she would call me in the middle of the night and tell me that she had found this artifact and all. It was like a film project for her where she worked from the pre-planning stage to the execution and then it's delivery.

She used to work on things in advance and when I saw them all falling into the right place, it was really unbelievable. Even our mom was worried about her as she was working on this house even when she was in Tamil Nadu, shooting for Thalaivi. It was then that I realized how big a task it was and Kangana had given it more than a hundred percent. I am so privileged to have a sister like her, who is so involved in the family.”

Lastly, the duo spoke about their favorite corners in the house: Kangana, “The favorite corner in the house has got to be the kitchen as Rangoli loves to bake and according to me, a kitchen is a place which is pushed away from the rest of the house. So when you work in the kitchen, you are disconnected from everyone in the family. So I gave it the arches where she can be very much accessible to all. So when she's baking, I'm usually on her dining table and now we can chit chat across. It's really lovely to be listening to music while she's baking so that's why I love that part of our house.”

Rangoli: “My favourite place in the house is the living room as it has both: my work desk and the coffee bar. Both things complement each other very well and given the fact that the living room is quite spacious, Ajay can also do his own work in the same room while Prithu (my son) can sit and chill out there itself.

Secondly, Kangana has provided the living room with huge windows that give way to sunlight along with a beautiful scenic view.

Another thing that I would like to add is Kangana's suggestion of having my makeup and wardrobe section as well, which should be separate from the bedroom. Earlier, I felt it was a bit weird but now after seeing it, I just get excited to use my stuff.” she ends.