JNU Violence - How Did It Come To That?

JNU Violence - How Did It Come To That?
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On February 9, 2016 students of the university protesting against the verdict of life sentence to Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat, accused of India Parliament Attack, 2001.

A few outsiders, wearing a mask, entered the university and threatened the students and calling out a few Anti-India Slogans. A slogan like 'Bharat tere tukade honge, inshallah-inshallah' was echoing on the campus of university a few months ago. Later on, police came to know that Kanhaiya Kumar and few more leaders were involved in this fuss. Police arrested Kanhaiya Kumar with the charges of sedition on the campus. He is a former president of JNU student union. He was a national leader of AISF, and currently he is a National Executive council member of CPI. Others went underground in the act of escaping but later on, they surrendered to the police.

Kanhaiya Kumar

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Last month, students of JN University were protesting against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), which was proposed and sanctioned by BJP ruling government. They came on the road to support JMIs (Jamia Milia Islamia) students who were violently protesting and vandalizing against CAA. With a dissent to CAA, they were calling it against secularism. Students of JNU were involved in vandalizing inside the campus and on the streets. They didn't let the Delhi police come inside the campus. Policemen were heavily injured in this mob vandalizing.

Anti CAA Protests

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It seems it wasn't ending soon. With the same aggression last week on January 5, students of the university were again protesting in the leadership of the president of JNU student union, Aishe Ghosh. They were protesting against hike in fees and demanding that VC of the university has to be removed from his post. It was going on from the last three months. This protest took the wrong turn a few days back when online registration just began for the winter semester. Protesters were violating the law by defacing and boycotting the registration for the next semesters. They entered the communication and service center, and stopped power supply so online registration couldn't be done. They were stopping other students and lecturers from attending the lectures by not letting them go inside the classrooms.

Because of a few, all remaining students are suffering from the loss of studies. Those so-called representatives of the university are not allowing anyone to do so and misleading with wrong information. The demand of the students is to take back the proposal of slogging in the fee. They were pleading that up casting the fee may cause leaving the university by poor students.

The whole protest took another turn when a masked mob of outsiders entered the hostel of the university with iron rods and stones. They started hitting students and lecturers brutally. It was said that the mob is targeting a few people on behalf of religion. Few teachers and students were hurt badly and were taken to the hospital. The president of JNU student union Ms. Aishe Ghosh too got hurt badly on her head and got stitches.

Delhi Police was standing outside the university but didn't react to this mob attack. Moreover, they let the attackers exit the premise without handling or apprehending them.

Aishe Ghosh

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Police are claiming that the president of the university was the part of the masked mob and others are associated with ABVP (BJP associated youth group). But Delhi Police has no proof regarding this assertion. The leader of the student union is asking for proof of their claim as she is reminding that she got hit too and she still has her blood-soaked clothes.

Students are asserting that this protest is not a political protest; it is purely students and union of student's protest against the management.

As per current updates, she gave a call to the protesters for heading towards Rashtrapati Bhavan in demand of removing the VC of the university. It broke out a little scuffle as police tried to stop their march with lathi-charge.

The HRD ministry replied that it wouldn't be a solution. But student union is in no mood of compromising by saying it won't be a choice and meeting HRD ministry is dissatisfactory.