Japan's Friendship Ties Programs JENESYS 2019 ASEAN Outbound Program 4th Batch

Japan's Friendship Ties Programs JENESYS 2019 ASEAN Outbound Program 4th Batch
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TOKYO: Tokyo - Fourteen Japanese high school students and two teachers are scheduled to visit Thailand from December 10th to 18th as part of the Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs “JENESYS 2019” promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The group will observe the sites and facilities which was funded by Japan’s ODA and visit Japanese companies, through which they will learn the relationship between Japan and Thailand, and deepen the knowledge of Japanese contribution to international society. Through the experience of school exchange, they are expected to have a better understanding of culture and society of Thailand, and will also appeal Japanese culture during each program.

Through this program, we hope the participants proactively share the appeals of Japan and other information, contribute to enforcing the foundation of friendship between Japan and Thailand and promote the understanding of Japan in Thailand.

Japan Exchange Program JENESYS 2019
People with the ability and future mission to deliver messages between Japan and the countries and regions of Asia and Oceania are invited and dispatched in order to promote an understanding of Japan with regard to politics, economics, society, culture, history, foreign policy, and the like, and pro-Japanese people and experts on Japan are discovered in order to strengthen Japan’s message to other countries and expand Japan’s diplomatic foundation by having the guests and dispatches take the initiative to spread information about the diplomatic stance, appeals, and other facets of Japan.


  • 7 students and 1 teacher from Saku Chosei Senior High School (Nagano)
  • 7 students and 1 teacher from Ritsumeikan Keisho Senior High School (Hokkaido)