iPhone 11 to lunch with Samsung galaxy s10’s OLED display

iPhone 11 to lunch with Samsung galaxy s10’s OLED display
Image source: Google

The most awaited phone of 2019 from the trillion-dollar tech company Apple will be launching its new iPhone 11 the event which is going to held in September. There are some reports which say the iPhone 11 will reportedly launching with the same Organic LED displays which were used in Samsung’s latest S series and Note series.

The Cupertino based tech giant first started using OLED displays in its apple watch devices back in 2015. LG manufactured those displays. The displays are very flexible, thinner & very lighter, which are very suitable for wearable techs. These displays are also very power efficient.

Apple's first-ever iPhone was introduced in September 2017 on its 10th anniversary. The phone was too pricy, which was starting at a whopping amount of Rs. 99900/- didn’t cover the sales as expected. Due to less number of sales, Apple, as well as Samsung, displays both were affected.

OLED displays consume around 60% less power than other displays. The display consumes 20% to 40% less energy than other displays. The OLED displays also have some demerits. Mainly viewing an image with a very bright background may be a document or an image having a white background or be a website. These reduce more battery in mobile phones while using white backgrounds.

Mainly Apple MacBook’s are the finest laptops you have ever seen. IN 2016 Apple introduced the OLED touch bar which replaced the functional keys and its continuing till now. The displays vary from 12” to 15” panels. Mostly all the Applications designed by Apple support the OLED touch bar and later it also released the API to the developers so that they can design apps for the OLED touch bar. It also has a Touch ID sensor for unlocking and making payments online.

The Samsung S series and Note series phones are having more pixel density than the current iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS Max. Reports say that the iPhones launching this year will be equipped with reverse wireless quick charging, but there is no confirmation if the wireless charger will be provided with the box. There are also rumours that the upcoming Apple iPhone 11 would be equipped with a USB-C charger, and the box will include lightning to USB-C adapter. The company's latest A13 Chip will also be introduced with the new upcoming iPhone series. 

Apple is using OLED displays in its phones since the lunch of iPhone XS and XS Max in September 2017 in its 10th anniversary, but this time the Cupertino based tech giant would be using the same OLED display panels which were previously used in Samsung’s latest flagship. There are some certain reasons for which helps both the companies. This will increase the sale of Samsung displays as well as it will also reduce the list of suppliers which the company uses to acquire the raw materials.

According to the report, the upcoming iPhones will be replacing the last year's iPhones, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR which are having less screen resolution than Samsung's S series and note series. The names for the upcoming iPhones are not decided yet. The three names for the forthcoming IPhone's might be iPhone XI, iPhone XI Pro, and iPhone XI Pro Plus. The report also conveys that the upcoming iPhones might be introduced with triple rear cameras. The pricing is not decided yet.