Introspection defines third short story in 'Discovering Kindness' series

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"Mallory" discovers how her own unhealthy behaviors impact those around her

GREEN BAY, Wis.: The title character in author Kevin J. Smith's newest short story deals with the same types of self-imposed limitations that are common with many high achievers. Mallory does not realize the destructive impact her issues are having on herself and family; only that her domineering father's influence remains a significant part of her existence, for better or worse.

Mallory is the third in Smith's 'Discovering Kindness' series of short stories produced with writing partner Laura Sherman. The entire 'Discovering Kindness' series (M&B Global Solutions Inc.) will be available in paperback and digital formats later this year.

Mallory story description

Mallory is a prisoner to stringent expectations of her own making. Whether it is a fanatical need to be punctual or an obsessive urge to put work above family, Mallory is driven to please everyone but herself. The result takes its toll. When this unhealthy behavior impacts her children, Mallory is forced to re-examine the way she lives her life. Can she forge a new path before it's too late?

Mallory is available through October 28, 2020, as a free digital download on Amazon.

Kevin J. Smith retired from a career as a Certified Financial Planner. He lives in De Pere, Wisconsin, with his wife, Cathy. They have two wonderful, grown daughters.

Laura Sherman, a.k.a. 'The Friendly Ghostwriter', has authored and ghostwritten over thirty books during her 20-year career. She specializes in writing stories that uplift, educate, and inspire her readers.

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