Interview: A candid conversation with Terminator: Dark Fate starcast Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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'Terminator: Dark Fate' is a science fiction action film directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison. It is the sixth instalment in the Terminator film franchise, and acts as a direct sequel to The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). The film stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator, respectively, reuniting the actors after 23 years, and introduces Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, and Gabriel Luna as new characters. In this interview, Arnold and Linda talks about their character and the feeling of reuniting after so many years. Star Movies will be premiering the film for first time on television on 18th October 2020 at 12 pm and 9 pm.

  1. In these 35 years of life the electronics kind of have taken over our lives, how foreshadowing is this franchise?

Linda: Well, it certainly was ahead of its time back in 1984 when we did the first one and it couldn’t be truer today. So in all these years we have seen it come true and I think it actually speaks more powerfully today than it ever has and where we are going.

  1. How refreshing is it to kind of come back after 35 years the two of you together because obviously you have done other films in between and kind of reboast this franchise to come back and inhabit these characters?

Arnold: Well, I tell you that we had such a great time when we worked in the first terminator and in the second one we did a lot of training together, lot of weapons training and stuff like that and the acting and the scenes and all, so I was really so excited when James Cameron one day we went to a motorcycle ride as we always go and had breakfast  and he said what do you think of doing another terminator movie and I said “The terminator movie” and I said what would be the story and he was telling me the story and we are going to have Linda back and I said “Oh man that would be exciting.” So he told me that he is going to produce it, he is going to create the story, Linda is back, we all are going to be back so I was delighted about this and it turned out to be a great decision and it ended up being a great movie.

  1. 35 years ago if you would ask me to run, jump and do some physical exertion I could probably accomplish hell of a lot but 35 years later there would be some things I would have a harder time doing it, you guys have to kick ass in this movie, how did your bodies respond of some of the actions in the movie?

Linda: Day in day out is what we did, I mean there was not a rest day, Umm, what I did was acted and then I went home and lay down to rest my body and read 40 books. So you rest your body, take your mind out elsewhere and then work the next day that was my answer. I couldn’t play I was just like got a job to do and then I laid down …heheh…very exciting.

  1. What really impressed me or intrigued me I would say with this latest incarnation is Female Empowerment I mean there was obviously there’s always been that kind of element but lot of it is been very testosterone  driven and in this we kind of see a little spin.

Arnold: Well, I tell you that thanks to Jim Cameron I have to say because think about it all in his movies he has female heroes and the key thing is the casting, there are a lot of women who kick ass on the screen, I don’t believe it and I don’t buy all of it. But with this one I bought it and when Linda came on this screen in the first terminator and she crushed the terminator, I totally bought in because she became the ant and the leader that she is supposed to be and in the second one even more so she created a whole new kind of a character that a female can kick ass just like a guy and its totally believable. So the pressure is on the other women who want to be kicking ass and want to be called action heroes and they have to be as intense as she has set a whole new standard and that’s also for the other women that are in this movie, terminator 6 it’s about she created a standard that’s very hard to match up to and so they were all struggling but they did, so they all did a great job but I mean she really is the real hero.

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