Ink-A-Laugh presents Scary Night

Ink-A-Laugh presents Scary Night

Ink-A-Laugh presents Scary Night
: 31tst October 2019, Thursday
Location: Mumbai
Venue: Coffee Culture, Hill Road, Bandra
Timings: 08:30 PM
Details: If you are afraid of Ghost, Scary stories, empty house , scary movies, Vampires, Witches or supernatural things and get attacks, difficulty sleeping alone, intense, intense sense of dread or impending doom, not going to the bathroom at night, avoiding being alone then this is the perfect night to boost all those things as we are going to make Jokes & fun of all such topics.

Come and join us with your friends and family & share your stories with us also listen to our jokes and stories and let’s make the night scarier for each other.

They say " The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter" So, help us save your Thursday!

Ticket price 250/-. Also you get Rs 150 cover for whatever you like on the menu!!!