Ink-A-Laugh presents Private Chapters

Ink-A-Laugh presents Private Chapters
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Ink-A-Laugh presents Private Chapters

Date: 22nd September 2019, Sunday

Location: Mumbai

Venue: High On Tea, Mumbai Western Suburbs

Timings: 8:00 PM

Details: PRIVATE CHAPTER is a stand up comedy show for adult persons, SO Leave your children and parents at home! Here comics are encouraged to explore material and subjects usually deemed inappropriate for “polite people.” Our show is for people who like to explore the sharp edges of our perception of the world.

The above is just some pretentious bullshit that means this show might contain some offensive material, nonveg jokes,Affair stories, Jokes with inserting a wicked twist, were lot of rules will be violated. . Our Jokes will ease your tension,they will help you deal with your life’s injustices, both minor and large

Some cultures avoid these types of blatant transgressions by restricting the topics that can be fodder for jokes. 

SO Leave your children and parents at home

They say "The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter" So, help us save your SUNDAY!

Tick price 200/- Also you get Rs 150 cover for whatever you like on the menu!