Inborn Potential Assessment Dermatoglyphics - A New Tool for Consultancy Services to Parents, Students and Corporates

Inborn Potential Assessment Dermatoglyphics - A New Tool for Consultancy Services to Parents, Students and Corporates
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2020, started with tough times for people across the world. What started in a small way in a small corner of the world has just spread like wild fire, forcing humanity to shut doors and remain inside.

Before lockdown, we all were happy practicing in the routine way. But then social distancing actually paved way for thinking beyond the routine. The tough time which started in India from end of March 2020 had forced all of us to think about just survival.

But behind the scenes, many companies locked itself into zoom meetings and started reworking on their strategies. And within no time one started hearing few innovations here and there. To name a few like feet operated hand wash machines, low cost PPE by Navy men were all started to becoming the new order.

CFMID Limited, a start-up based out of Vadodara, has been working towards innovation to boost their fraternity’s outreach during COVID-19. CFMID works in the area of Inborn Potential Assessment using DMIT as a tool through the concept of Dermatoglyphics. To put this in simple words, understand inborn potential through finger print reading.

Their team of counselors offer consultancy in their field of Parenting, Hobby Selection, Career Guidance, Job selection, relationship counseling and many more, by just generating a 40 page report based on all 10 fingerprints.

Due to lockdown, none of its counselors or any other peer company practitioners could go out to clients place or the clients couldn’t visit their centers across India to capture the fingerprint. This was a challenging situation which almost put the entire segment into huge losses.

During the CFMID Limited founding team’s talks with its associates, counselors and others practitioners from the fraternity realized that due to Lockdown the main revenue source has taken a beating. The world was going online. Everyone from Corporates to individual trainers were able to run their service through online. But DMIT practitioners could not ride this online wave by offering DMIT services. This situation pushed CFMID to come out with this innovation

The start-up has recently launched its UNIQ Mobile Application at a virtual event, which is now available in the Google Playstore. The developers are working on its iOS and it will be available soon.

UNIQ as the name suggest, it stands true to its meaning and is the world’s 1st mobile application for taking fingerprint scans for generating Inborn Potential Assessment Report.

If any company is practicing in the Dermatoglyphics and using DMIT as a tool, and offering consultancy services to Parents and Students and Corporates based on Inborn Potential Report to its customers then this app is a boon.

Says Darpan Vyas, Co-Founder of CFMID Limited, “We are now feeling proud to have added technology as a part of our mission which aims to help the external world of Dermatoglyphics right from DMIT Practitioners to Forensic Science Universities. The core for us will always remain Inborn Potential mapping and research related to the subject matter that will assist growth of our industry.

Uniq app was developed by team led by Sathyamoorthy Venkatesan, Independent Director of CFMID Limited who is associated with CFMID since a year in anchoring social media initiatives.”

This innovation has made it possible for Dermatoglyphics to go 100 % Online right from Fingerprint Scanning to Consultation for Inborn Potential Report. This situation which is now going to emerge as the new normal has offered a new opportunity to the DMIT fraternity.

Said Edward Campbell, Chairperson of International Behavioral and Medical Biometrics Society, “I am extremely delighted to share that this app can help all of us to reach out to every corner of the world. Until recently, due to my old age I had laid self imposed travel restrictions. But now as Darpan said about the new normal that brings in new opportunity, I am elated that UNIQ app can take my learnings, my research, my lectures to any corner of the world. All I need is to just ask people to scan their fingerprints through UNIQ app. Rest, CFMID will process the same and send it to me for further studies and research works.”

Edward Campbell’s book Fingerprints and Behaviour gives great insight into the world of Dermatoglyphics and how can human behaviour be mapped through the science of Dermatoglyphics. This is one area where CFMIDshall be investing time and efforts to put together a published research document through the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University.

Talking about the launch of the app, Marcus Leng, Co-Founder CFMID Limited said, “With the launch of UNIQ one thing is sure, we all here can look at World as a market. A world that is touchless and borderless. Earlier during travel across the world I used to carry the scanner with me. Now being here in Vietnam and Malaysia, from the comforts of my office or even from my home, I can reach out to any aspirant wanting to get their report done. That is the possibility we are talking about. A world where Dermatoglyphics can go 100 % online. I can foresee this happening now. How, once I wished to undertake such human development projects in association with UNICEF for the less privileged countries in Africa. How we can help them use this concept for their benefit as UNICEF also has Education and General Welfare as a part of their project initiatives. UNIQ will help me to achieve that . And I look forward to working in that direction as one of my humble effort to give back to the society. And now with this borderless approach, by being present as an app, the world has become our society. We can pick and choose markets and create an impact to lives over there without even visiting that place. The only basic requirement will be a common language to address the audience.”

Anand Sharma, Director, CFMID Limited added, “The most highlighting aspect of UNIQ App is that it serves the vision of CFMID Limited which is to increase the ‘Happiness Quotient’ of all its stakeholders. With this app in place now CFMID’s Brand centers and individual practitioners across India can access this and offer consultation services to its customers.”

Ramya Sundar, Senior Counselor and lead Teacher Trainer also Independent Director, CFMID Limited shares her experience with the U-NiQ app. She says, “When the app was hosted in Playstore, I decided to service a client via the UNIQ app facility, the first client since lockdown, a 15 year old girl from Navi Mumbai who had just cleared her 10th board exams and was in need of clarity as to what to pursue post this. To see the effectiveness and practicality of the U-NiQ app and to witness the process, we joined them via a zoom meeting. We were amazed to see how the father was able to scan his daughter’s fingerprints independently by just following the steps mentioned in the U-NiQ app, in his mobile phone - at the comfort of his home that too at night 10pm. Right from the Registration process to taking the scans it hardly took a couple of minutes for them. Later, we generated a Dermatoglyphics report and did online counselling with the family. The client’s positive review and feedback post the session reaffirmed my trust on the U-NiQ app. Another major advantage my team had was they were saved of man hours. 2 hours of travel, cost of travelling 20kms to and fro and the scanning efforts. The U-NiQ app has proven to be a blessing and a boon to us Dermatoglyphics practitioners to reach out with full capacity.”

10 years ago, Sundar Iyer, Director, CFMID Limited, had started the company as a single person organization from Ahmedabad. Now on its 10th year, the company is renewing its vision to make a mark globally.  This app truly justifies the statement “The world at your fingertip”. This statement holds true to every collaborator who is practicing Dermatoglyphics. You can just go ahead and keep on impacting lives just from your home / office. A consultant sitting in his / her home in interior Maharashtra can use the Wi-Fi (Thanks to Digital India initiatives of our Government), conduct an Inborn Intelligence Parenting Seminar through video conferencing and address an audience in Singapore / Australia / Ghana / Nagaland and in the end advise them to download our app for taking the Inborn Intelligence Report and do online consultation, thereby positively impacting lives. This is in true essence a 100 % Online Profession.

Dermatoglyphics is the study of ridges of Fingerprint. Fingerprint helps us understand the inborn traits. These traits are co-related to the respective brain function. As a result of this one can understand the inborn abilities and accordingly offer guidance services. The source of this knowledge is emanating from the Indian Scripture Hastasamudrika Sastra. But to clarify once again, Dermatoglyphics does not predict the future.

Adds Sundar Iyer, “We had set this vision 2 years back in 2018. Now with UNIQ app in place and a strong network of collaborators across India and going forward across the world, this dream of ours seems achievable in next 2 years time. We all over here are out to prove that #DMIThelps.”

The team at CFMID Limited urges the practitioners to gain adequate knowledge in Dermatoglyphics and keep talking about it on various online forums - be it parenting workshops or a guest lecture for a B.Ed student fraternity!