In fans eyes, Nikki Tamboli is already a finalist as NIKKI DESERVES FINALE trends on Twitter

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Bigg Boss's finale is real close, and who better to decide the finalists than the spectators. After being endlessly entertained by Nikki Tamboli, and witnessing her true hunger to win the game in the finale task, Nikki is already a finalist in the eyes of all her fans out there. And the tweets on social media proves it all!

In the recent finale task, Nikki Tamboli's killer performance has left everyone spellbound. With every task, we have seen her dedication and passion to win the game getting all fired up. And fans couldn't keep calm as they took over the social media to shower Miss Tamboli with endless support and love by trending NIKKI DESERVES FINALE at no. 14. With more than 11K tweets like " Oh yass!! And she will continue to entertain you all! NIKKI DESERVES FINALE", A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. @nikkitamboli is Very BEST!

Honestly, if any contestant in the BB house truly deserves to be in the finale is sure, the most sensational ad everyone's favorite, Nikki Tamboli. As BB is all about entertainment, so is Nikki Tamboli. So, without any doubts, Nikki is surely going to make it to the finale with the bahumat of her fans as BB would have said it!


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