Huntkey Releases Its Small-Size Desktop Air Purifier

Huntkey Releases Its Small-Size Desktop Air Purifier

SHENZHEN, China: Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, has announced the availability of its small-size desktop air purifier - the DJ010. The purifier is integrated with photocatalyst and HEPA filters, which is ideal for removing bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, odors, haze particles and many more. It is well-suited for small working rooms or living rooms.

The key feature of the DJ010 is air purification by photocatalyst. Photocatalyst is a catalyst that can activate chemical reactions like decomposing organic compounds into carbon dioxide and water. By this means, a photocatalyst air purifier is able to clean air by removing stubborn airborne hazards like viruses and bacteria, which is a key difference between photocatalyst air purifiers and the ordinary ones.

The DJ010 is designed like an egg. It measures a dimension of Φ108*160mm and its air volume is 10cbm/h at the maximum, which is suitable for air cleaning for a room space of 8-10cbm. It features a standby consumption of lower than 200mW, as well as a noise level of 38dB(A) at the maximum. For more product information, please visit:


  • Model: DJ010
  • Input: 5V/2A (Min. 4.6V, Max. 5.5V)
  • Rated Power: 8W
  • Standby Consumption: <200mW
  • Noise Level (Max.): 38dB(A)
  • Air Volume: 10cbm/h (Max.)
  • Applicable Space: 8-10cbm
  • Dimensions: Φ108*160mm