Hrishitaa Bhatt finds her feet in the digital space

Hrishitaa Bhatt finds her feet in the digital space

Popular actress Hrishitaa Bhatt has managed to stay relevant in tune with trends and times with her acting credentials. Praising the digital space, the actress has now set her eyes on the digital medium. 

One among the two web-series in which she is marking her brilliance - Zee 5 new show "Lal Bazaar" where she is playing the role of a journalist. "The show is based on true incidents. It is a bilingual show, shot in both Hindi and Bengali. I am playing a journalist, who seeks the truth. Real life stories have a certain connect with the audience, it gets them inquisitive to know the truth," said Harshita.

The second show is titled "The Shuttlecock Murder" on Zee 5 again inspired by a true story. Produced by Roshan Kanal and Ashoke Pandit, Daytee Pictures Pvt. Ltd, written by Priyanka Ghatak and directed by Shashant Shah the series stars Hrishitaa Bhatt,  Arunoday Singh  , Sikandar Kher, Tridha Choudhury, Shiv Pandit, Ashwini Kalsekar and Zakir Hussain, Kishori Shahane and Shakti Anand in prominent roles.  

The actress who has hosted a show titled "Rangoli" on Doordarshan  says that actresses enjoy quality and quantity work in web space. She was also a part of IFIFI preview committee 2017 & also the part of the very prestigious steering committee of IFIFI 2018. 

When asked about her long sabbatical from work post marriage, Hrishitaa Bhatt calls it a break and says, "I don't understand the term comeback. Even after marriage I have been doing endorsements, appearances etc then why a comeback. I have been around for a long time to come back to the movie. I have & I will always be a part of this entertainment industry." 

"The kind of storytelling and performing opportunity that artistes are getting is exceptional. Web series are not about the most famous face in the business, it is about actors. In web series, actresses enjoy both quality and quantity of role. There is a meaning to every scene and frame of my character," says Hrishitaa.