How to Apply the Eyeshadow Perfectly for New Year’s Party!

How to Apply the Eyeshadow Perfectly for New Year’s Party!

A woman looks like her most elegant self when she is wearing a kajal and an eyeshadow. Now, just any eyeshadow will not do here. Her choice of eyeshadow should complement her skin tone, the colour of her dress and the occasion that she is heading to. Even when she has all these sorted, there is the challenge of using the correct brush.

While a simple eyeshadow looks good, there may be times when you would want to look special just like the New Year’s Party.

At such times going for the banana, fanned or rounded style may be your choice. Some women also like to go for smoky eyes. In this article, we will talk about tips and tricks on how to perfect your basic eye shadow application when you get ready for this New Year’s party.

While this article is aimed at beginners, experienced people will also gain out of the tips discussed here. It is only when you are perfect in that will you be able to go for the more complex looks!

  1. Choose the type of eyeshadow you want to use

Eyeshadow comes as both loose powders and in cream-based form and both have its advantages and disadvantages.

The cream-based ones are comfortable to wear but they are also seen to crease more often. The powdered ones are more pigmented and maybe a little difficult to control by beginners. For them, it is advised that they start by applying the compact powder as an eyeshadow.

  1. Pick a colour of your choice

Once you have decided on the type of eyeshadow you will use, the next thing that you should worry about is the colour. To play it safe, you can always start with shades that are in neutral hues - greys and browns are always safe bets!

If you are somebody who likes to experiment to come up with her style statement, feel free to experiment with the brighter hues in your palette. Irrespective of the number of shades that you use, make use that your bush is clean and dry before you dab it into any colour.

  1. Work on the crease

The first step in perfecting the eyeshadow is identifying the colour of your crease. If you are dark-skinned, your crease may be purplish. Lighter people have a more pinkish or orangish skin tone. However, these are not golden rules and you will have to spend time in front of the mirror figuring this out.

Once you have decided upon the colour of your crease, pick a shade of red that is one shade warmer. That will be the most appropriate shade to blend the eyeshadow to your crease. Understand, that one of the prime objectives of putting on the eyeshadow is to hide these creases and make your eyes look more appealing.

  1. Make your eyeshadow last

No matter which brand of eyeshadow you opt for, it will not last for more than 4-5 hours on its own. This is because, after a few hours, that natural oils in the skin will penetrate through the shadow. That will lead to the formation of creases on your eyelids. To avoid that, use a shadow primer before applying the eyeshadow. If you do not have one, there is no need to worry and you can go for your conventional face primer and that will work almost the same.

Also, try to invest in a waterproof, preferably gel based eyeshadow, to prevent any product transferring and permit the makeup to last longer.

  1. Work on the strokes

The most common mistake that novices make is the sweeping of the eye in a very quick motion. Moving your hands quickly while applying the eyeshadow will lead to the appearance of fine lines. Not only will they be visible, but they will deepen over time.

Hence, you must take special care to ensure that your hands move only in slow and short brush strokes while applying the eyeshadow. Also, make sure that those strokes move in the same direction all the time.

  1. Avoid patchy brows

Do not make the mistake of brushing the eyeshadows across the lids. Instead, pat it on your eyelid. This will give you a more solid look and help you avoid a patchy eyeshadow. Also, try not to let the eyeshadow go all the way up to your eyelids. The only exception to this rule is when you are opting for a highlighter colour.

If the eyeshadow comes to the eyebrows, it will look overdramatic for most occasions and will give people the impression that you are caked up.

  1. Follow the order of makeup

When you are working on perfecting your eyeshadow, we can safely assume that it is not the only makeup that you are doing. Finish your face makeup (including the foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc) before you come to your eye makeup. Irrespective of the type of makeup you are opting for, the eye makeup should be the last step. The only under makeup that you can put on hold is the application of the concealer on the areas under the eye.

Once you come to eye makeup, the eyeshadow should be where you begin. The mascara should always be applied after your eyeshadow. This will take care of any extra eyeshadow that may have fallen on your eyelashes.

It is only when you are trying a smoky look that the eyeliner should come before the eyeshadow.

  1. Avoid eyeshadow fallout

As you have completed your face makeup, the last thing that you would want is excess eyeshadow falling into it. The easiest way to avoid that would be to powder the area under the eye with some transparent powder.

Once you are done with applying the eyeshadows, you can sweep off the powder.

With these tips, you will no longer have to rush to the makeup guru of your girl gang to look dashing for a party. Like every other skill, with a little bit of practice on your part, you will be able to master eyeshadow application as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Work on this let your eyes do the talking for you this New Year’s Party!

We wish you a Rocking New Year 2020!