Healthy Navratri Special food to have during the 9 days fasting

Healthy Navratri Special food to have during the 9 days fasting
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Navratri is one of the biggest and most important festivals, which is celebrated with great ardour. Since, many people during the Navratris observe vrat or fast, distinct cuisine is especially tailored for those during this period.

Here are a few such healthy Navratri special food that you could try.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies can be a perfect snack as it is made purely of whole fruits. While you are fasting, refreshing fruit smoothie can help you fight those hunger attacks! Moreover, they are wonderfully healthy and nutritious.

To make it healthier opt for non-fat milk. All you need to do is blend a dash of creativity with fruits and nuts of your choice.


Fill yourself with healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and pistachios as they are rich in healthy fats, have significant amount of protein, essential vitamins and minerals.

Simply roast a handful of nuts, add some salt and enjoy your evening snack. Though be mindful of the portion, as nuts are high in calories.


Buttermilk is great for people who suffer from digestive problems like bloating or acid reflux. Since it is rich in protein, it can help in controlling your appetite and curb your hunger cravings.

Rajgira Puri

Rajgira is a powerhouse of nutrients.  Infact Rajgira is the only grain which contains Vitamic C. Along with that it also has twice the amount of Calcium as milk. Since rajgira flour has no gluten present, a binding agent such as potato needs to be added in order to bind it. Compared to the pooris made with wheat flour, it is slightly different and is not only healthy but also a filling dish after fasting for the whole day.

To add a healthy touch, you can add parsley or ajwain to the dough of the pooris.

No onion no garlic lauki paneer kofta curry

In a flavoured tomato-based curry, these koftas are made in an innovative way by combining Lauki (bottle gourd) and paneer with Indian spice and just pan fried to give a healthy touch to the dish. The koftas are then soaked into the curry. 

Palak Makhana

Palak Makhana is made with roasted makhana blended in creamy palak gravy. Since there are no onion and no garlic added, it makes a perfect dish to be eaten while fasting. Moreover, lotus seeds (Makhana) contain many health benefits.

Sanwa Rice

Barnyard millet, which is also known as barnyard millet has the lowest carbohydrate content. And if you are a rice lover, you can easily make delicious pulav using the sanwa rice.

It is an appropriate food for those looking to follow a gluten free lifestyle.