Gujarat Fertility Clinics Offering EMIs during Pay Cuts

Gujarat Fertility Clinics Offering EMIs during Pay Cuts
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Many fertility clinics it has tied up with financial institutions to offer EMI at 0% interest to fund in vitro fertility cycle!

Nova Fertility doctor, Manish Banker says that the nine-month instalments are offered to the couples to help ease the financial stress they are going through in realizing their paternity dreams in times of shrinking income and job cuts. “Like other loans, the couple must present their income proof with a Cibil score,” Manish Banker said.

Gynaecologists and fertility experts say that future uncertainty due to the financial crisis created by the Corona epidemic has led 50–70% of couples who consulted IVF to discontinue treatment or postpone it. The couple needs a financial plan as an IVF cycle costs anywhere between Rs 1.25 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh and it takes an average of three cycles to conceive. In some cases, it may take fewer and in some, more cycles.

Since we resumed operations in June, 7 out of 10 couples said they would need to reconsider starting treatment. Most traders’ salary cuts, slow business income or job loss due to child withdrawal, ”as told by a doctor of Bavishi Fertility Clinic. Himanshu Bavishi said that the hospital offers couples EMI option to pay in parts for their cycle.

Surrogacy Specialist of Akanksha Fertility Clinic, Nayana Patel says that more than 50% of couples have decided to postpone IVF treatment for a child. Dr. Patel said, “We are negotiating with a handful of financial institutions to offer EMI options that have become the need of the hour. Most parents say salaries have shrunk.” She says they are giving 25% concessions to reduce the load.

“We recently transferred a foetus to a woman who lost her job while her husband received a 30% pay cut. We gave her the option to pay Rs 5,000 every month,” said Dr. Sheetal Punjabi of Shashwat IVF and Women’s hospital.

Some clinics also offer to pay for couples whose embryos are fertilized and frozen.