Ginni Weds Sunny

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Ratings: 2.5/5

Duration: 02 Hrs 05 Mins

Director: Puneet Khanna

Writers:  Sumit Arora, Navjot Gulati

Producer: Vinod Bachchan

Music: Payal Dev, Gaurav Chatterji, Jaan Nissar Lone

Production Company: Soundrya Production

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Release Date: 9th October 2020

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Star Cast: Yami Gautam, Vikrant Massey, Mansi Sharma, Suhail Nayyar, Ayesha Raza Mishra, Sanchita Puri, Rajiv Gupta, Karan Singh Chhabra, Mazel Vyas, Maneka Kurup Arora, Gurpreet Saini, Deepak Chaddha, Munish Dev Mohan, Shailendra Kumar

Plot: The story of Ginni Weds Sunny revolves around an arranged marriage. Ginny (Yami Gautam), living with her matchmaker mom (Ayesha Raza Mishra) in Delhi, gets set up with Sunny (Vikrant Massey), who has given up on the idea of love and just wants to get married and settle down as he constantly gets rejected by women. However, the match is not that simple, as headstrong Ginny clearly has other plans.

Since Ginny's mother is determined to write a fairy tale love story for her daughter and Sunny the bachelor hopes to win over his former crush by accepting help from her mother, will it be really sunny in paradise for Ginny?

Review: Puneet Khanna’s direction is simple and uncomplicated. The first-time director who has previously worked as an assistant director for Don (2006), and Jodhaa Akbar (2008) have handled a lot of scenes with panache. However given the genre, the story is as predictable as most generic romantic comedies, and even if you would like to believe it isn’t, the title happily gives away the climax!

Also, like a lot of Bollywood films, stalking is normalized here, and if we ignore the whole stalking point, the film’s first half is good. There are some really hilarious sequences that would make you laugh out loud. Whereas, in the second half, the film just becomes boring.





With the complete absence of a compelling plot, most of the burden falls on the shoulders of the actors.

And when it comes to performances, the director has brought the talented Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam together for the first time and it won’t be wrong to say that their chemistry is electrifying! They dutifully played the yes-no-maybe game and are perfectly decent in their respective roles.

Even Suhail Nayyar is amazing in his role, Ayesha Raza Mishra is exceptional and Rajiv Gupta is damn good.



As far as the music is concerned, more effort seems to have been paid to the song-and-dance numbers than the actual plot. Hence, is decent and has a song for every mood! Payal Dev, Gaurav Chatterji, and Jaan Nissar Lone, all the three composers have done a great job.

While 'Sawan Mei Lag Gayi Aag' works big time, it looks like a promotional track but is actually a part of the film’s narrative. Whereas 'Lol' is foot-tapping, and 'Rubaru' and 'Phir Chala' are well used in the background. Even 'Phoonk Phoonk Ke' is well utilized in the film’s pre-climax and finale.

Focusing on the technical aspects of the film, while the writing lacks depth and fails to stir emotions, Nuthain Nagaraj's cinematography is neat, Prasad S's background score is in sync with the film’s narrative, Sandeep Sethy's editing is fine. Additionally, Ashwini Shrivastav's production design is eye-catching - the all-bright and glitzy colour scheme work in favour of the film as it keeps the intrigue alive.

Overall, watch Ginni Weds Sunny randomly on a lazy Sunday and have fun. Despite its flaws, it is honeyed with Vikrant Massey & Yami Gautam’s mushy chemistry!

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