GEICO’s Tips for Safe Holiday Entertaining

GEICO’s Tips for Safe Holiday Entertaining
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WASHINGTON: The holiday season is a time for merriment and celebrating, and if you’re planning to entertain at home, the GEICO Insurance Agency and its partners want to make sure you and your home are protected if one of your guests is injured on your property.

  1. Take care of some of those home maintenance projects: Your guests may not know that the staircase handrail isn’t sturdy or to avoid the cabinet door that swings open by itself.
  2. Clear leaves and snow off your sidewalks and entryways: If guests slip on your property—inside or outside--you could be on the hook for their medical bills.
  3. Instead of lighting candles, invest in some flameless electric candles
  4. Have fun! Make sure to enjoy yourself at your party.
  5. The GEICO Insurance Agency’s partners offer a variety of coverage options so you can be sure you’re the host with the most, no matter what happens.