Game of Thrones' Kit Harington to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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It is hard to believe that a television series can cause a stir across the whole world. HBO had come up with a marvellous concept, which is the 'Game of Thrones' having an active international fan community. The characters, storyline everything was the gossip between the dedicated viewers, as recently its eighth season was released with a bang bringing out a great twist in the end as it showed how the illegitimate son, Jon Snow had to head towards the north of the wall after slaying Daenerys, the lunatic queen lover. The ending reflected that Jon Snow received the punishment that was justified.

And it is not in the reel but the real-life where Kit Harington playing the character Jon Snow is all set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe according to many sources keeping a suspicion as to which Marvel movie the star would join. Last week, as the D23 Expo of Disney, was held where the announcement of Harington’s role was a breakthrough in the little secret as it went for a detailed presentation on their upcoming movies in California. And now it is confirmed that his forthcoming project is with Marvel’s next “The Eternals”.

Being one of the top-notch actors he has set up a benchmark so high that people are eagerly waiting to watch him in the MCU. The Deadline publication was the first to catch hold of this exciting piece of news but with the lingering confusion that if he was into the five remaining projects of 2019 or in the to be announced ones, among which the latter one seems to be the best option.

And Kit Harington is not the first star of the hit HBO series to join one of the biggest film charters and is all geared up to showcase his talent in the upcoming 2020 release. Hence, it is on our part to stay tuned to the future disclosure on these reports, to learn as to which role he is set to play.

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