Floral Paintings from Representational to Abstract Art Show at Long Beach El Dorado Nature Center

Floral Paintings from Representational to Abstract Art Show at Long Beach El Dorado Nature Center

Floral Art Spanning Decades of Styles by Local Artist at the Long Beach El Dorado Nature Center

LONG BEACH, Calif.: Opening on July 2, 2019, and reception on July 6, 2019, the El Dorado Nature Center in the city of Long Beach, will display art by Local Artist Grace Divine. The show's theme is nature, and in particular flowers. The show which was curated by the artist, is inspired by Hilma af Klint and Georgiana Houghton artists from Sweden and England respectively, from the 18th century. In a time when female artists were basically ignored and therefore unknown, these women were trailblazers in a style of art never seen before. And even before the 20th century and the development of modern art incredibly, these women created art in modern art styles decades before the well known male Master artists, and credited innovators of 20th century modern art, ever did.

And how did they do this? Amazingly, they were both spiritualists who channeled, as they claimed, spirit inspired art leaving behind a large substantial body of work. Unfortunately, their wonderful achievements have remained in the shadows, unknown to most, as the spiritualist art movement has been primarily ignored by the art world. And even today, precious little has been researched, studied or even been written about it.

What is spiritualist art? As a spiritualist artist herself, Grace Divine, who channels art in over 30 styles in a prolific manner with thousands of paintings and books in her portfolio, does engage in psychic mediumship much like Hilma af Klint and Georgiana Houghton did. Coincidentally, and as a fortuitous sidenote, Grace Divine shares a month and day birthdate over a century apart with Georgiana Houghton. Grace Divine believes that at it concerns psychic art, all art is inspired, meaning "in spirit" as she says. This, even if artists believe it to be or not. However, very few artists actually actively engage in spiritualist activity like psychic mediumship and the such. In contrast, Grace Divine works as a professional psychic medium doing psychic energy readings for individuals and for large groups and corporate events for whom she performs public mediumship presentations that include music, singing, teaching, story telling, comedy and dancing.

The show will be available for viewing from july 2 2019 to July 27 2019. The artist reception will be held on July 6 from 1-3 pm. The El Dorado Nature Center is located at 7550 E Spring St. in Long Beach, CA 90815. It is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. Admittance is free.