First Health Fair to Offer Free Health Scans to the California Border Community

First Health Fair to Offer Free Health Scans to the California Border Community
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Dr. Tarek Hassanein—founder of Southern California GI & Liver Centers and board certified liver specialist—will host a Free Health Fair this Friday, October 11th, from 9am-5pm PT at the historic Chula Vista Women’s Club, located at 357 G St., Chula Vista CA. The purpose is to raise awareness of the problem of fatty liver—and help members of the surrounding Chula Vista community.

Fatty liver affects over 25% of adults in the United States. Understanding this disease, and catching it early, is paramount to being healthy. But a liver fibrosis scan costs around $600, so many communities are unable to access these tests.

“Fatty liver is the most common liver disease in the United States,” Dr. Hassanein notes. “The October 11th Health Fair aims to reach as many individuals in the community as possible, because everyone should have access to receiving a liver fibrosis scan regardless of socioeconomic or citizenship status.”

Dr. Hassanein and his dedicated team are encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to attend the event, where they will receive a free 30-minute in-depth screening covering BMI testing, a screening for Hepatitis B and C, and a liver fibrosis scan—regardless of insurance status. Nutrition and insurance experts will also be on hand to educate guests.

“Instead of focusing on Trump’s campaigns for further border wall funding, we should be focusing on each other—and our health,” said Dr. Hassanein. “I want to help immigrants with open arms. Our community can come together to get educated, while receiving the necessary tests.”