En Voyage Perfumes Debuts Nepenthe EDP

En Voyage Perfumes Debuts Nepenthe EDP

New Fragrance for Men and Women Celebrates the Joy of Helen of Troy

PORTLAND, Ore.: Award-winning Artisan Perfumer Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes is releasing a new unisex fragrance that is inspired by Nepenthe, the story of how Helen of Troy overcame her sorrow.

The word "Nepenthe" first appears in Homer's Odyssey as a magical potion given to Helen of Troy by an Egyptian Queen.  Despite having the beauty that launched a thousand ships, Helen had a difficult life.  She was kidnapped, raffled off to the highest bidder, and was then raped and kidnapped yet again.  It was only in receiving the gift of Nepenthe that she found her comfort.  "I wanted to interpret the distinctive elements of this story, and to decode them into a fragrance that celebrates the victory of her discovering her peace," notes Ms. Waddington.

Nepenthe originally referred to a magical potion that quelled all sorrow.

"I found my inspiration for this fragrance in the discovery of a certain group of very special notes that together produce an incredible feeling of joy," continued Ms. Waddington.

Nepenthe recently received top recognition by the Artisan Fragrance Salon of San Francisco, CA as being one of the Five Best Artisan Perfume Launches of 2019 .

Nepenthe has a fresh contemporary signature that exalts and infuses a woody, ambery, musky base; a heart accord of Iris, Violet, Lavender and Narcissus; and a bright, green, softly herbal top accord that carries the entire composition well into the realm of a unisex perfume.  Nepenthe, a fresh fougere, is made with natural ambergris which exalts and brightens the entire blend.

Nepenthe is an exquisitely crafted eau de parfum using a very high percentage of pure extraits, natural materials, and proprietary blends.  All En Voyage perfumes are created, compounded, bottled and packaged at the En Voyage Perfume Studio in Portland, OR.

Nepenthe will be available on the En Voyage Perfumes' website in the Masterpiece Collection, and at select stockists beginning December 1, 2019.