Ekta Kapoor apologises to the Indian Army

Ekta Kapoor apologises to the Indian Army
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Protests and police complaints against Bollywood and television producer Ekta Kapoor by various right-wing organisations have been reported from different parts of the state over a recent web-series launched by her, allegedly showing the Indian Army in poor light.

Volunteers of Karni Sena took out a procession, demanding that the web series be taken down. “Ekta Kapoor has tried to malign the image of the Indian Army through the web series. We took burnt her effigy in protest. We demand that these web series be taken off the internet immediately… Kapoor should issue a public apology to the army,” said Sandipsinh Rajput, Ambaji president of Karni Sena.

But shortly after, the controversial scene in the series 'Triple-X-2', has been deleted from the show.

In the deleted scene, an army officer's wife allegedly insults his uniform by making her boyfriend wear it in his absence, and then later, tearing off the uniform, she gets into bed with her lover.

The scene outraged many on social media, who claimed the scene was insulting to the Indian Army and accused Kapoor of being an "anti-national".

The objections were led by controversial YouTuber and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Hindustani Bhau who lodged an FIR against Ekta and Shobha Kapoor for disrespecting the Indian Army and attempting to defame soldiers.

Recently, producer Ekta Kapoor issued an official statement over the XXX-2 controversy. In her official statement, Ekta Kapoor asked for an apology on the behalf of Alt Balaji. She said:

“I’d like to reiterate the fact that as a responsible and law-abiding citizen, I have the highest regard for the Indian army. They not only risk their lives at the frontier towards protecting us but are also one of the most-disciplined and honourable organizations in the country. We, at ALT Balaji, have the deepest regard for our valiant soldiers and truly respect them and their families. I would once again make it loud and clear that we offer a sincere and unconditional apology to the army and army wives if we have unintentionally hurt their sentiments.

Taking full ownership of the situation, we do agree that the objectionable scene shown in the episode was a slip at our end. We say that despite the show, that came out in March, not being produced by us. That said; with me holding a 30% stake in ALT Balaji, I would have certainly cut the scene had I seen the episode. We took action at the very earliest when this oversight was brought to our notice. Despite the first FIR lodged being dismissed by the police, we were proactive in our part and removed the content so as to not hurt any sentiments.”

The controversial scene has attracted many FIRs, filed against Kapoor along with numerous organisations calling out Kapoor for her apparent insensitivity. However, what was most shocking was the fact that many on social media took to rape and death threats for Kapoor in order to prove their nationalism.