Eddy Bogaert's "Kings Royal Court" evening at the "Crypto Castle"

Eddy Bogaert's "Kings Royal Court" evening at the "Crypto Castle"
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Miami Beach, FL: On Thursday December 5th, New York City based mixed media artist Eddy Bogaert will be hosting an evening of "The King's Royal Court" Art exhibition and event at the "Crypto Castle" mansion, private residence of the "Crypto King" himself, Jeremy Gardner.

Tapping into the vortex of electrifying energy of Art Basel Miami, the affair will be a synergy of beauty, bliss and decadence fit for kings and queens!

The Kings' guests are invited to immerse themselves in the art throughout the grounds and aboard a docked yacht at the property.

The highlight of the evening will feature live art by "The King" Eddy Bogaert whose self-described style of "chaotic balance" entices viewers to gain a deeper perspective into his pieces when viewed with Chromadepth 3-D glasses which will be provided to guests.

Also, on display will be the works of featured artists Ana-Carolina Gonzalez and David Sebastian.

As befits a Royal court, there will be jewels, libations, feasting and entertainment! Guests can peruse the regal pieces featured by event sponsor, Shamballa Jewels of SoHo NYC, while sipping delightful drinks offered by Root Out Whisky and Maison Marcel or enjoying a nibble from the grazing table provided by Hole 19- Scratch Kitchen and Bar based in Miami Springs, FL

There will be a live musical performance by Sony recording artist Xavier White and sets by DJ Patrick Pizzorni and DJ Noel.

To gain access to this exclusive event, you must register with Eventbrite and present your name at the door for entry.

There's no better place to be than at the Crypto Castle to ring in Art Basel 2019 in style!