Dastkar's upcoming fair to celebrate life and nature

Dastkar's upcoming fair to celebrate life and nature
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New Delhi: From Gond paintings and 'Pattachitra' to 'ajrakh' printed textiles and chanderi weaves, Delhi-based NGO Dastkar's upcoming fair will celebrate all things Indian, with 'Matsya' or the fish god as a central theme.

Opening on November 12, "Nature 2019" will have on offer a collection of crafts from across the country -- Bagru print (Rajasthan), Pashmina (Kashmir), glazed pottery (Himachal Pradesh) and Tanjore paintings (Tamil Nadu) -- that will reinterpret the symbolism of the aquatic animal in their respective traditions.

Dastkar's chairperson Laila Tyabji said the nearly two-week-long event will celebrate "life and nature".

"In myths all over the world, the fish symbolises fertility, feelings, creativity, rebirth, good luck, transformation, abundance, serenity, intelligence, happiness, strength, and endurance.

"Connecting us with the water element, it represents the deeper awareness of the unconsciousness," Tyabji said.

She added that the event will also intended to serve as a forum to discuss environmental, social and cultural concerns.

"Nature 2019 is a confluence of tradition, indigenous technologies and craft. At its core is the Dastkar family of crafts people - over a 100 different skills and traditions- using colours, motifs ,and materials that are made from or inspired by nature," Tyabji said.

Workshops like 'lacquer demonstration on wood' and 'sabai grass weaving' along with cultural performances and regional cuisines will also be part of the event.

It will come to an end on November 24.