CuraLinc's New Emotional Fitness Coaching ('Text Therapy') Solution Reduces Stigma and Improves Access to Mental Health Support

CuraLinc's New Emotional Fitness Coaching ('Text Therapy') Solution Reduces Stigma and Improves Access to Mental Health Support
CuraLinc Healthcare Coaching

CHICAGO: According to Mental Health America, 56% of Americans with a mental illness don't receive treatment – a staggering figure driven by a combination of access, stigma and the expense associated with care. Fortunately, advancements in technology have created new avenues for people to address depression, stress, anxiety and other emotional health concerns.

CuraLinc Healthcare, a global behavioural health and wellbeing provider, today announced the launch of Emotional Fitness Coaching, a message-based therapy application that is embedded within the organization's employee assistance (EAP) and student assistance program models – and also available as a stand-alone point solution. Through a secure desktop and mobile platform, licensed counsellors (also known as 'Coaches') help participants boost emotional fitness and wellbeing through an exchange of text messages, voice notes, tip sheets, resource links and videos.

According to David Pawlowski, LCPC, CEAP, BC-TMH, CuraLinc's Vice President of Administration, "Emotional Fitness Coaching knocks down barriers within the EAP and behavioural health ecosystem for people who need support, but who may feel face-to-face or telebehavioral counselling is stigmatized, scary or out of reach."

After registering and being matched with a Coach, new users can begin messaging immediately to address stress, anxiety, grief, depression or relationship issues – or to proactively work on mindfulness, resiliency or other personal development topics.

Key features of Emotional Fitness Coaching include:

  • Convenient: Participants can text with their Coach at any time – on desktop or mobile – without worrying about scheduling or other conflicts.
  • Licensed: All Coaches are independently-licensed mental health counsellors who also have a special accreditation for providing technology-based support.
  • Integrated: Coaching is integrated with the other clinical and non-clinical elements of CuraLinc's EAP or student support program.
  • Secure: All communication between participants and Coaches is encrypted and stored securely.  
  • Stigma-Free: Coaching is an excellent resource for those who may not be receptive to face-to-face or distance (video) counselling.

Today, more than ever, EAP and behavioural health providers must weave technology-based plan design elements into the fiber of their clinical model – or risk missing engagement and care delivery opportunities with employees who may not use the program through traditional access points. Emotional Fitness Coaching was carefully constructed with these risks in mind – to drive engagement, address care gaps and optimize support for every participant.